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Zendaya Debuts Her New Trendy Blonde Bob

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On Friday, Spider-Man actress Zendaya shared her new look on Instagram, a very on trend warm blonde bob. The new haircut was revealed in her Instagram Story, blocking off the top of her face to tease the full reveal she will hopefully be sharing very soon. Her hair was cut just a few inches off her shoulders, and styled in tousled curls.

She wore it with a sleeveless, bright orange turtleneck that ended just below her jaw, and was seated on an intricately carved wooden chair, with a glimpse of a cozy home space in the background.

zendaya blonde


The Euphoria star has been wearing her hair shorter, and posted a darker blonde shade in December after getting a chop from celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen, wearing a white t-shirt under a black vest over black slacks. But as the days lengthen, blondes get blonder.

She debuted the look on the red carpet at Euphoria’s FYC event at Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles that same month, wearing her longer bob in a side part with a black buttoned polo and a cigarette skirt in a black and white gingham pattern.

euphoria fyc

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Zendaya is always a trend setter, and since then several other celebs have gone with a variation on the blonde bob as well, including model Hailey Bieber, who shared her new chop on TikTok in late January with the caption, “oops 🔪👩🏼‍🍳💇🏼‍♀️.”

celebrity sightings in new york city january 27, 2023

Gotham//Getty Images

Bieber went with more of a bronde color, creating a blondish ombre along the end of her brunette locks. Also on trend is Megan Fox, who was likely wearing a wig when she posted a photo of herself with a chin-length blonde ‘do.

megan fox blonde


This cut came with a dramatic fringe framing her bright blue eyes, and a more slanted end to the bob towards the front of Fox’s face.

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