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Your Leo 2023 Yearly Horoscope Predictions Are Here

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And remember, sex and intimacy don’t have to be separate. Long-term relationships can continue to burn red hot (especially when there’s a fiery Leo like yourself involved) for years. Conversely, casual set-ups can be emotionally intimate, even if you’re not interested in something long-term. With this in mind, prepare for summer romance when the romantic planet Venus enters your sign, Leo, on Monday, June 5. For some Leos, this sees the start of sweet summer flings. For others, relationships level up. Just try to avoid making any significant decisions about your love life when Venus goes retrograde in your sign starting on Saturday, July 22, where she will stay through Sunday, September 3

While retrogrades are important to be aware of, don’t let them scare you away from love. Relationships reach a romantic crescendo during the full moon in Aquarius and your 7th House of Partnership on Tuesday, August 1. In fact, all of August looks to be paramount for deepening partnerships. Juno, the asteroid of commitment, enters your sign on Tuesday, August 15. The next day, Wednesday, August 16, brings a new moon in your sign, Leo. As new moons correspond with fresh starts and new cycles, this sees a change in your love life, whether that’s the joy of single life or a summer fling turning into something more serious. By the time Venus goes direct on Sunday, September 3, you’ll be much happier in love than when she began her backward dance back in July. 

With Venus retrograde out of the way, more epic sex comes your way when the primal planet Mars enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius and your 5th House of Pleasure on Friday, November 24. Overall, the final months of 2023 indicate luck in love. Just beware of miscommunication regarding sex when Mercury retrograde also enters Sagittarius on Saturday, December 23. Thankfully, this Mercury retrograde isn’t much cause for concern, as Venus, the goddess of love, enters Sagittarius on Friday, December 29. The influence of romantic Venus on your 5th House of Pleasure is strong enough that Mercury retrograde doesn’t stand a chance. 

It’s easy to be swept away by love, but remember, Leo, your romantic relationships aren’t the only ones needing nurturing. Remind yourself to carve out time for friendships throughout all of 2023, but there are a few crucial dates to keep in mind. You feel like a rockstar thanks to Venus entering luxurious Taurus and your 10th House of Social Status on Thursday, March 16. This transit sees finding new social groups and likely getting invites to some exclusive parties. You’re ruled by the sun, Leo. It’s okay to be vain and want to look hot at the social event of the season. Remember, Venus rules beauty and money in addition to love, so she supports you networking and dressing to the nines. 

After nights perfect for networking, when Venus enters chatty Gemini on Tuesday, April 11, you need a break from love to spend time with friends. Remember, even if you aren’t poly, expecting one person to meet your needs is unrealistic. You need other people (who aren’t your partner or crushes) to bitch about your love life. And, if you’re single, it’s empowering to give yourself permission to stop worrying about dating and just have fun with your friends for a bit. 

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