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Your Fall 2023 Horoscope Is Here

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Fall’s astrological forecast calls for balance and flexibility as we cool down from a hot girl summer and transition into cuffing season. Here’s everything you need to know—and prepare for—when it comes to your chart.

Focus like a laser while Mercury’s retrograde is in Virgo until September 15

The first few weeks of September aren’t technically fall, but with back-to-everything kicking in, it sure feels that way. And forget about extending the summer vibes this September. With Mercury spinning retrograde in hypervigilant Virgo from August 23 until September 15, laser focus is required to stay on top of all the things. Make that all the nit-picky, annoying, administrative things that systematic Virgo rules, like answering emails, scheduling appointments, paying bills, and tracking data. Slacking on these tasks while Mercury is in reverse could set off a chain reaction of chaos in the first half of September. Check your DMs!

Relationships get a do-over when Venus retrograde ends on September 3

If your summer romance plans sank like the Titanic, blame it on Venus, who turned retrograde in passionate, dramatic Leo on July 22. Take heart! Fall’s romantic forecast looks so much brighter. On September 3, the planet of love and harmony resumes forward motion, lifting the curtain on a new scene. Better still? Venus powers forward through Leo until October 8, calling for over-the-top romantic gestures. Bond over dress-up dates, epic live shows, and glamorous experiences that keep the two of you up until sunrise. If an important relationship went off the rails, don’t let pride (Leo’s Achilles heel) prevent you from extending the olive branch. Courage, Leo’s shining trait, could reopen hearts after September 3, so summon yourself and shoot your shot.

The September 23 fall equinox revs up partnership possibilities

Still hanging on to your lone wolf status? While you might not go full pack animal, partnering up with an “attractive opposite” elevates everything starting September 23. Not only is this the day of the stabilizing fall equinox, but it’s the beginning of Libra season. As the sun streams into the zodiac sign of balance, harmony, and committed relationships, it gives our closest connections a serious glow-up. Still searching for a worthy contender? Ditch the competitive attitude in favor of a collaborative one. Then, find someone who helps you shine and vice versa. Whether you’re bonding over a business venture or undressing each other with your eyes, Libra season partnerships have serious long-term potential.

The October 14 Libra solar eclipse brings cuffing season surprises

Get ready for another surge of partnership-powered motivation this October 14: A solar (new moon) eclipse arrives in Libra—the first one to light up this loving sign since March 2016. And this one will refresh and rewire relationships. Eclipses always stir up an element of unpredictability: You may be gob smacked by your own romantic desires or shocked to discover who’s catching feelings for you. Pay attention to the type of people you draw in at this eclipse. Are they mirroring trauma that you haven’t resolved? Rather than running toward a painful repeat performance, see these crushes as messengers who are here to alert you to worthwhile inner work that you can focus on this fall.

Mind your money near the Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28

Eclipses come in pairs, and fall’s second one has special significance. Not only is it a lunar (full moon) eclipse in money-minded Taurus—it’s the final eclipse in a two-year series that began on Nov. 19, 2021. From quiet quitting to supply-chain shortages to ballooning interest rates, frenetic headlines have stirred up all kinds of anxiety around work and finances. If you’re ready to downsize, change jobs, or simplify to stabilize, you’ll have tons of support from this final Taurus lunar eclipse. But take it easy with the kneejerk reactivity, since lunar eclipses can throw emotions all over the map. Storming out of a meeting or quitting your job without a contingency plan? Maybe not the best idea under a rash lunar eclipse. Sensible and sensual, the zodiac’s luxury-loving Bull reminds us to enjoy earthly pleasures without losing sight of practical needs, like, say, having money to pay November’s rent. Have you been working hard toward a career goal? Happy developments could manifest quickly within two weeks of this eclipse!

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