Friday, June 14, 2024

Your Aries 2023 Yearly Horoscope Predictions Are Here

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Venus enters your sign on Monday, February 20, blessing you with abundance. This theme even continues when she enters Taurus on Thursday, March 16, as this lights up your 2nd House of Possessions. While no astrologer can promise money in this economy (unfortunately), the stars indicate that these are promising days to advocate for your worth. 

While the transits above encourage you to ask for more, when the transformative Pluto retrograde enters business-minded Capricorn and your 10th House of Social Status on Sunday, June 11, you’re tasked with setting up boundaries and learning to say no. Pluto retrograde is about paying attention to potentially toxic situations and removing yourself. Of course, that’s tricky in this economy. Few of us have the luxury of turning down work right now. However, if you set boundaries, you avoid burnout, which is detrimental to your mental and physical health and makes you less productive in the long run. 

Later in 2023, you continue to advocate for your needs when the communication planet Mercury enters Capricorn and your 10th House of Social Status on Friday, December 1. This transit sees you receiving more public recognition for your work and stepping into the spotlight, so expect positive feedback, an increase in followers, or simply the great feeling of being proud of yourself. 

Remember, Aries, everything is tied to your health, whether we’re talking about love, friendships, or work. You’re a busy sign, but don’t sleep on self-care. If you do, your risk of burnout in 2023 increases, and you risk jeopardizing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You’re reminded of the importance of self-care when your ruling planet, Mars, enters caring Virgo and your 6th House of Health on Monday, July 10. Treat yourself to a massage, more sleep, or indulge in mindfulness through skin care

Chiron, an astrologically significant comet known as the “wounded healer,” goes retrograde in your sign on Sunday, July 23, where it will stay until Tuesday, December 26. During this time (which you’ve survived many other years, so don’t worry), your job is to tend to lingering wounds and unresolved trauma. Whether you connect with your support system, chosen family, therapist, or another avenue of healing, it’s essential to dedicate time to your well-being, just like you pour energy into your love and sex life. 

And, of course, when we talk about health, that includes beauty and wellness rituals. Don’t let anyone fool you. Dedicating yourself to a skin routine or makeup transformation isn’t silly or vain; it’s a valid method of self-expression and self-love. You’re ready for a makeover when Mars enters Scorpio, lighting up your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation on Thursday, October 12. Browse some various hairstyles of makeup looks, and circle this date in your calendar as a time to wield glamour to your advantage. See you in 2024. 

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