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Will Oppenheimer Ever Be Available to Stream?

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Despite its friendly competition with Barbie at the box office, Oppenheimer still made a sizable dent on opening weekend, raking in $80.5 million, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film so far this year, and breaking a number of other theatrical records. Christopher Nolan’s colossal epic about the “father of the atomic bomb” will certainly continue to draw in hordes of moviegoers around the world (especially after making $93.7 million abroad this past weekend); however, its arrival on streaming services is unclear.

That should come as no surprise. A technological and cinematic feat, Oppenheimer was filmed on IMAX cameras and boasts booming sound design, so it should probably be seen in a theater to experience the film’s full effect. “We put a lot of effort into shooting the film in a way that we can get it out on these large format screens,” Nolan told Associated Press. “It really is just a great way of giving people an experience that they can’t possibly get in the home.”

And that doesn’t just refer to the explosion sequences or panning shots; the close-ups are supposed to feel more vivid and intimate, too. Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema told Vulture that they built “lenses that gave us that technical possibility to get much closer” than the typical lens could.

But aside from its technical achievements, Oppenheimer is worth watching for its stellar performances by Cillian Murphy (as J. Robert Oppenheimer), Robert Downey Jr. (as Lewis Strauss), Florence Pugh (as Jean Tatlock), and Emily Blunt (as Kitty Oppenheimer). Up to you whether you want to see them on the big screen or not.

Where can I watch Oppenheimer?

Right now, the film is still playing in theaters (it just opened on Friday!), so you’ll have to head to the cinemas to check out Nolan’s latest.

If you want to do it by the book, the director told AP that the “best possible experience” in which to view the film is IMAX 70mm film. The only downside is that those viewing formats are the rarest, with only available at 25 locations across North America (and only 19 of them showing Oppenheimer). But it’s also available in 70mm film, IMAX digital, 35mm film, and other large-scale formats.

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When will Oppenheimer begin streaming?

A streaming date has not yet been announced. According to a deal that was revealed in 2021, Universal Pictures should begin streaming on Peacock, which is owned by NBCUniversal, 45 days after debuting in theaters. However, even then, Oppenheimer was announced as one of the exceptions to this rule.

For now, there’s a sit-down interview and behind-the-scenes featurette between journalist Alex Zane and Nolan streaming on Peacock. That may be a hint that the actual film will end up on the streaming service eventually—we just don’t know when. Stay tuned for updates!

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