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Why This $10 Firming Body Lotion Is All Over Social Media

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Whenever there’s a large collective group of people going through an experience at the same time, you better believe there’s going to be a Facebook group for it. This holds true with the recent wave of people who’ve had success losing weight with the Type 2 diabetes drugs Ozempic and Mounjaro and their weight-loss approved counterpart Wegovy. While many are seeing the pounds fall off with each weekly injection, they’re also sharing the tips and tricks online to help manage side effects and handle other related concerns that come with rapid weight loss—like lax skin.

That’s where this Olay Firming & Hydrating Body Lotion with Collagen ($10) comes in. Post after post showed users on these private Facebook groups proclaiming the benefits of this plumping body cream. One weekend I saw no less than nine separate posts by other group member on pages that boast over 50,000 members. Talk about a ground swell of support. I decided to test it out myself and see how this became a viral sensation on my feed.

The Benefit

Collagen-based creams won’t stimulate more collagen production, but they are emollient and will work to hydrate and support the skin. Providing skin, especially lax skin after a recent weight loss, can improve the skin’s appearnce.

Key Ingredient

Vitamin B3 tops the list of hydrators in the fast-absorbing formula alongside—vitamin E and collagen—which Olay says is able to penetrate 10 layers deep into the dermis.

Bottom Line

Used consistently alongside a routine that includes a retinol-based body wash, like the Olay Cleansing & Renewing Nighttime Body Wash with Retinol ($8), I noticed smoother skin overall. I don’t know if my skin will get any tighter or firmer, but the combination of these two body solutions makes my skin feel better overall. I think the Facebook collective is on to something.

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