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Why Smaller Breasts Are Big In 2023

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One of the aesthetic trends we keep hearing from breast and body experts is that, generally, preferred breast sizes are shrinking. Whether it’s via an uptick in breast reductions and lifts, implant swaps or first-time breast enhancement patients choosing a conservative size, we seem to be amid a shift toward breasts that complement a more streamlined look. If you talk to breast experts around the country, it still comes down to patient preference, but the consensus continues to be a more subtle augmentation.

Maybe She’s Born With It

Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Sanjay Grover, MD says “smaller,” might not be the right word. “I notice that there still are a wide variety of patient requests for breast surgery. We have many patients that request ‘small’, ‘medium’ or ‘large’ sized breasts, but one common request we hear is for a ‘natural’ appearance.”

A Sign of Affluence

On the east coast, New York plastic surgeon William Lao, MD says his patients are historically conservative with their aesthetic preferences. “On average, east coast implant choices are a size smaller than on the west coast,” he explains. “Usually, patients in a higher socioeconomic class also tend to choose smaller implants and a more discrete and natural look.” 

Celebrity Influence

“Many factors influence the aesthetic ideal such as social media and prevailing celebrity influence on what is attractive,” adds Chicago plastic surgeon Michael Horn, MD, who also has a Boca Raton, FL practice. “We have seen this type of trend in the past and I presume the trend will change again in the future.”

Changing With Age

Dr. Grover notes that many of his patients have opted to switch to smaller implants to better fit with their bodies at their current stage in life. “We do see a number of patients that had larger implants in the past that are now requesting to downsize as their own breasts have enlarged with time and advanced age,” he explains. “Additionally, we may be seeing more patients seeking ‘mini-breast augmentations’ who may have previously avoided any surgery at all.”

Doctor Guidance

Surgeons with sophisticated, artistic eyes are also helping patients to choose the more appropriate implant size for their bodies rather than employing a cookie-cutter approach. “I believe the best plastic surgery gives the most natural-looking result,” says Dr. Lao. “So I always prefer implant sizes that fit the patient’s body frame and not choosing something that is excessively large.” 

“The aesthetic ideal for breasts often changes with new generations as frequently it changes for preferred body types,” adds Dr. Horn, who stresses the importance of choosing the right implants and breast surgery that is right for your body and lifestyle. “Current general ideas of what is attractive will change again.”

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