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What Is Slow Beauty?

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Move over Clean Beauty, we’ve got a new, more thoughtful approach to ethical and sustainable skin care and beauty on the horizon…just give it a second to get here. That’s right, we’re talking Slow Beauty, the carefully considered cousin to any clean or natural skin-care solution. Slow Beauty seeks to elevate the green promises of typical beauty brands beyond just recyclable packaging and reduced plastic, going all the way back to the formula and how ingredients are chosen, harvested and treated.

These brands are more likely to produce in small batches with limited-time products that reflect the seasonal ingredients present in their region of origin. They’re also more likely to create their products through artisanal, slower processes that pollute less. That means we’re also prioritizing quality or quantity here, as many Slow Beauty products are multi-functional and holistic, meant to be used to the very last drop.

Up and Down The Supply Chain

Amidst a sea of skin-care and beauty promises, Slow Beauty brands are all about taking a step back and evaluating the implications of our products. And that means applying their philosophy all the way down the supply chain in order to ensure all ingredients are being ethically sourced.

While some of these ingredients are commonly discussed among clean and natural brands, many others fall under our radars. Many beauty consumers know that palm oil, for example, is an environmentally devastating industry responsible for serious deforestation. But there are many more common beauty and skin-care ingredients with the same kind of checkered background, including mica as well as crystals and gems.

“Many of the World’s crystals come at the expense of protected rainforest land and endangered animals,” explains now shuttered brand, ĀTHR Beauty. “Many of the mines leak heavy metals and toxic wastewater into local waterways, endangering the people and wildlife nearby. Child labor is also rampant with other common cosmetic ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, and carnauba wax. And it’s not just children—adult workers all over the world deal with horrific working conditions and unlivable wages to make these bargain products.”

Another way to cut down on the ethical quagmire of an international supply chain is to do a lot of the actual formulating in-house. FABLERUNE, a farm-based beauty brand, accomplishes this by sticking to small-batch releases that contain the highest quality ingredients.

“When we source ingredients, we only stock an amount that can be used in production within a short window since natural ingredients can have a very short shelf life,” explains FABLERUNE co-owner and aesthetician Bobbie Cunningham. “It’s important that our customers are getting the freshest batch possible. We source small, we produce small, and we’re constantly finding new resources for high-quality ingredients. Everything at FABLERUNE is made in house from start to finish, which is really rare these days. It’s definitely not the ‘easy’ way but it’s the right way for us to maintain our standards and quality.”

Where to Find Slow Beauty

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Kindred Black Hydrating & Priming Savannah Viper Lip Oil ($98)

One part amazing product and one part handmade art piece, Kindred Black is an artisanal Slow Beauty brand that houses their cosmetics, skin-care and fragrances in hand-blown glass bottles. Farmer-sourced botanicals like beetroot, peppermint and elderberry power this nourishing Savannah Viper lip oil, which hydrates lips in harsh and dry weather. This sheer lip treatment will protect your pout to the last drop.

Their hand-steeped blends are sealed in wax and cork before shipping to arrive safely to you. And you certainly won’t want to discard the one-of-a-kind bottle after use.

BUY NOW – $98

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FABLERUNE Sea Clay and Tea Tree Facial Cleanser ($32)

This small-batch, farm-based brand is formulated with gentle botanicals perfect for acne prone skin. Without stripping and drying skin, sea clay and licorice root cleanse and soothe irritation, while willow bark’s natural salicylic acid treats acne. Housed in a glass container with a PET cap, this gentle cleanser is perfect for balancing oily skin and soothing irritation and redness.

Antimicrobial and packed with antioxidants, this cleanser is a gentle exfoliatior created without sulfates, silicone or mineral oil.

BUY NOW – $32

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Circulove Conditioning Microbiotic Creamy Oil Cleanser ($39)

Excellent for hormonal acne, this Creamy Oil Cleanser Wash features fermented coconut oil and willow bark to gently remove makeup and nourish skin. With a soft cucumber scent, this double cleanser tamps down shine and leaves skin fresh and clean. The pH-balancing power of this wash makes it perfect for blemish and irritation-prone skin.

Circulove is focused on the quality of a handful of high-performing ingredients, establishing multi-purpose products that are housed in recycled plastic bottles that can easily be recycled again.

BUY NOW – $39

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LOLI Base Plum Elixir ($68)

For use on skin and hair, this ultra-hydrating serum is powered by plum seeds, which house vitamins A, C and E, as well as some amazing fatty acids. Sourced from France, this food-grade Plum Elixir has a natural scent of honey and almond and is so hydrating it can be used in place of your moisturizer.

LOLI or ‘Living Organic Loving Ingredients’ is a member of the Organic Trade Association and houses all of their products in reusable food-safe glass jars.

BUY NOW – $68

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