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Waterless Beauty: 7 TSA-Approved Products to Pack Now

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We’re finally back to travel, and if you’re anything like us, all the time away has had an impact on your toiletry bag. If you’re not one for a dozen travel-sized bottles clogging up your carry-on, we’ve got you covered. Plus, waterless skin care is the more sustainable and earth-friendly option. Our editors combed this year’s skin-care essentials for the best in waterless, easy-to-travel-with skin care and beauty.

Waterless Skin-Care Routine

Whether you’re looking to reduce your impact on our planet or just trying to make the TSA line a little more bearable, waterless skin care is the answer you’re looking for. From cleansers to serums to moisturizers, there’s no shortage of solid skin care to indulge in, significantly lightening your carry-on load.

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DAMDAM Snow Mushroom Pore Cleanser with Exfoliating Glove ($47)

This cleanser bar uses snow mushrooms to restore your skin’s natural pH and eliminate oil and grime. Lathering easily with just the smallest amount of added water, this bar and its included plant-fiber Cloud Glove are a luxurious cleansing experience in a travel-friendly package.

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Dew Mighty Bloom Jelly Serum Bar Starter Kit ($45)

A concentrated serum in a jelly solid, this vitamin C and amino acid powered bar is a brightening, redness-reducing skin savior. Bloom will strengthen your skin barrier with jojoba and squalane, while gardenia soothes and calms skin for a high-impact, long-lasting radiant glow.

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KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Balm ($25)

Packed with essential fatty acids, this solid moisturizing face cream is a traveler’s dream. Packaged for easy swipe-on application and safe to toss straight into your carry-on, this solid cream is powered by coconut and rose oils to deliver powerful moisture to dry and chapped skin.

Waterless Hair Care for Travel

Say goodbye to hotel shampoo bottles and hello to the efficient, TSA-approved waterless hair care of the future. Sustainable, convenient and easy to transport, these water-free hair care options provide potent, high-intensity nourishment in bar form. Shampoo, conditioners and even hair treatments can be made into solid products that save on space and on water waste.

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Superzero Instant Shine + Anti-Frizz Serum Treatment Bar ($29)

Traveling means unfamiliar conditions, and your hair might hate that. In comes the Treatment Bar—an anti-frizz, high shine formula to soothe your strands no matter where your are. The solid formula is high-powered and infused with vegan keratin.

Water-Free Beauty for Travel

Perhaps one of the most important parts of traveling with beauty is streamlining. You don’t want a thousand little glass bottles rattling around in your carry-on and you certainly don’t want to coat the inside of it with a bunch of makeup. Every misplaced cap and squeezable product becomes a potential landmine of wasted product, and the easiest way to avoid it is to reach for waterless options that are compact, mess-free and multitasking.

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Supergoop Sunnyscreen 100% mineral stick SPF 50 ($24)

Baby-safe and with a new and improved vegan formula, this fragrance-free, all-mineral sunscreen is the perfect and necessary addition to any travel beauty routine. This travel-safe, mess-proof sunscreen is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes of lightweight sun protection.

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Subtl Stak Triple Threat Makeup Stak ($36)

A travel-themed stacking collection of key makeup essentials in a compact, on-the-go packaging. Containing a blush, bronzer and highlighter, the Triple Treat Stak is a multifunctional makeup collection offering tones that can also double as eye shadows. Stak also offers concealers, eye shadows and lip colors in the same stacking, interlocking packaging.

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