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Venus Williams Dyed Her Hair Cotton-Candy Pink and Faked an Undercut — See Photos

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During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, pink hair had a chokehold on everyone. Three years later, I don’t think pink hair‘s reign has ended, if Venus Williams‘s cotton candy-pink hair is any indication. Her latest hairstyle is taking me back to high school, thanks to the faux shaved side and dip-dyed tips. 

On June 27, Williams appeared at The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party with her edgy hairstyle. Her ombré pink hair isn’t new; based on her Instagram, she’s had the hair color since the beginning of June but it’s mostly been seen tied up in buns until now. Williams’s pink hair is extremely light, to the extent that some pieces nearly looked white. 

From some angles, you might think she shaved the side of her hair. But her hair was simply side-parted and cornrowed down one side, which made it seem like she said bye-bye to her hair. The small cornrows were secured at her crown.

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Shaved sides are one trend from my youth that I regret never doing. The only thing stopping me from doing it now is my lack of interest in the haircut on me. I prefer a teeny-weeny Afro (TWA) to an undercut, but I love seeing how Williams faked the look on her hair. The small size of the cornrows really made it look realistic. 

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