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Vanessa Hudgens Must Have Told Her Nail Artist, “Haunted House, But Make It Fashion” — See Photos

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If there’s anyone who loves spooky season, it’s Vanessa Hudgens. Her fondness for all things Halloween and Halloween-adjacent is well-documented. Hell, she didn’t even wait until fall had started to get and show off a chic, matte, black manicure paired with the caption, “Tis the season.” But now that it’s officially fall — and October to boot — the entertainer and entrepreneur is really leaning into the upcoming haunted holiday without getting too literal. 

Hudgens posted a video to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, October 3, to show off her latest manicure from her go-to nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt. “Ummm fave set ever?” she wrote on the clip, and we can understand why.

The long, almond-shaped nails are giving chic haunted house — like a fancy witch’s wallpaper in manicure form. The smoky base is covered in a raised flame design like the one she was sporting back in August. Or perhaps it’s veins? Either one works well for Halloween, especially with the creepy-cool iridescent effect. As Hudgens changes the angle at which she holds her hand, the colors of the three-dimensional design shift from magenta to orange to yellow to slime green.

Instagram/Vanessa Hudgens

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