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Tia Mowry Teaches Her Daughter “Hair Care Affirmations,” and It’s So Important — See Photos

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On May 31, Tia Mowry chopped off her hair. Her shorter tapered cut was the beginning of a new era. Mowry has long expressed her love for own curls and coils in every form, and she is passing that message down to her kids. In fact, on July 22, she shared the cutest “hair care affirmations” video in which she teaches her daughter some self-empowering statements while styling her hair. 

In the video, Mowry is dressed in a white pajama set while daughter Cairo sits in front of her in an all-pink outfit. Mowry starts by undoing Cairo’s trio of ponytails in order to refresh them. “Cairo, can I ask you a question? Why are you so cute?” Mowry asks while spritzing her hair with what looks like the Curl Refresher Mist from Mowry’s own hair-care brand, 4U by Tia. 

“Cairo, you are beautiful,” she says as completes the first ponytail. Cairo repeats after her in a low voice until Mowry says the next affirmation, “I am kind,” to which her daughter responds by shouting it aloud. She does the same with, “I am strong” as Mowry continues with the next statement. 

The next set of affirmations includes, “I am smart,” “I am bold,” “I love my curly hair,” and “I love myself.” Mowry reiterates once again how much she cares for her daughter. “I love you, beautiful girl,” she says. Lastly, she asks Cairo to say, “I love my curls,” as she completes the final ponytail. 

Then, she tells Cairo they have to switch roles, the Cairo does her mother’s hair by scrunching it up. Mowry drops some product in her hand, likely the 4U by Tia Multi-use Hair Oil, and Cairo disperses it throughout her mom’s hair. 

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