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This TikTok Hack Left One Woman Requiring Eye Surgery

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If TikTok is known for one thing, it’s constantly circulating an extensive array of “hacks” that are said to make anything from hair dying to home renovations easier. Beauty hacks have become some of the most popular on the app, but it’s more common than we’d like to see horror stories about users suffering health issues on account of TikTok’s advice. Recently, one woman was left requiring eye surgery after trying a natural makeup-removing trick.

22-year-old Aranza–@entre_letrasae on TikTok–shared her story recently of how years of using coconut oil as a makeup remover suddenly turned scary when she found herself with a stye that required surgical removal. “I removed my makeup every day with coconut oil and then with micellar water,” Aranza explained in an interview with Need to Know, “but after many years of doing the same, I got a stye. I let it go because I thought that with time it would go away but it never went away.” Aranza explained that she didn’t have much time to see a doctor, so she tried hot and cold compresses but had no luck removing the stye on her own.

Stuck with a painful stye, the creator decided to seek medical attention. “In the end, I ended up seeing two different ophthalmologists and they both told me it was the oil’s fault,” she explains. Aranza ended up undergoing a 25 minute surgery to remove the stye and has since made a full recovery, but is now on a mission to inform others about the possible dangers of TikTok hacks. “My message to people who follow advice on TikTok is that you have to get good information from professionals.”

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