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This Sleep Habit May Contribute to Lower Risk of Death, Study Says

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Getting eight hours of sleep has been made out to be a virtue by society, and while it is ideal, there’s actually a more important sleep goal that has a deeper impact on our overall health. A recent study in Sleep found that even more important than how much sleep we get is the consistency of the timing of when we go to bed and when we wake.

A consistent sleep schedule is more impactful than getting eight hours

The study indicates that our bodies actually benefit the most from sleep when we’re consistent about our sleep timing. The study found that “sleep regularity is a stronger predictor of mortality risk than sleep duration.”

Researchers studied the sleep habits of over 60,000 people with the “most regular sleep,” meaning the time they went to bed and woke up were consistent. This group had up to a 40 percent lower risk of death by any cause, including cancer and cardiometabolic conditions.

Yes, sleep duration still plays an important role in our health. However, it’s essential that it’s coupled with consistency. Previously, the director of sleep health at Sleepopolis, Dr. Shelby Harris, explained to us that “Consistency and proper sleep hygiene are key to improving sleep,” and this study further proves that. Dr. Harris says being consistent with your sleep and wake times “seven days a week will help to regulate and maintain your circadian rhythm.”

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