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This Mud Mask Tightens Pores in 2 Minutes

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I was first introduced to Borghese by my mom, who has been a fan for years. (The brand was born about 50 years ago with the Princess Donna Marcella Borghese who wanted to create her own line using ingredients from Villa Borghese in Rome.) And then as a beauty editor, the brand popped up on my radar every now and then, but to me, it’s never been one of those “new launch” brands where fans wait with bated breath for the next product to drop and hope it outperforms the last. The iconic formulas, like Advanced Fango Active Moisturizing Mud Mask, become a mainstay in a person’s skin-care routine—sometimes for decades—because they really work. These are my thoughts on the cult-classic green mud mask.

My Skin Type:

Combination. I’m drier in the cold-weather months and oilier in the warm-weather ones thanks to the high humidity on the East Coast.

The Benefits:

Self-care Sunday is great if time is on your side, but when you only have a couple minutes to whip your skin into shape each week, this face-and-body mud mask is the solution. There are so many different treatments in this one little jar: it cleanses the skin, exfoliates, firms, hydrates, and also reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines. Bentonite clay produces a detoxifying effect to pull all the gunk out of clogged pores, while Siberian ginseng root and Chaga mushroom extract help counteract the damaging effects of pollution on the skin. If you live in a city, these effects accumulate more than you might realize throughout the week.

After one use, my skin also feels firmer and smoother, which is thanks to a blend of sweet almond oil, avocado oil and hyaluronic acid. I really appreciate that it imparts impressive detoxifying power without overdrying my skin, which is something I’ve encountered with other mud masks. I wouldn’t say my skin is glowing after I use it, but it’s definitely more clear and even-looking, and it drinks up any moisturizer I put on next (and then I’m really glowing).

The scent is another plus: It’s reminiscent of an Italian spa and features geranium extract, which is one of Borghese’s signature ingredients. Men love this mask too!

Key Ingredients:

Siberian ginseng root, chaga mushroom extract, bentonite clay, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and hyaluronic acid

How to Use It:

Apply a thick layer to clean skin (remove your makeup first) on your face, neck and/or body—the brand recommends the thickness of a banana peel, so don’t be afraid to get a little muddy! Also, avoid getting too close to your eyes or lips. Then leave it on for just two to five minutes. I usually feel a little tingle right after I apply it, which Borghese says is because of the “water of life” in the mask, which is 600-year-old, mineral-rich water from the hills of Tuscany.

You can use it once a week (especially before date night or a big event), but sometimes I’ll use it twice if my skin is feeling extra congested or lackluster. Pro tip: Put it on before you get in the shower and then rinse it off in there. It eliminates the chance that you’ll make a mess (though it’s really easy to remove with warm water and a wash cloth) and it won’t waste a towel!

The Bottom Line:

If you can only try one product from Borghese, I’d recommend this one.

Price/Where to Buy:


*You can also try it in this year’s Luxury Review Box, along with 37 other products!

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