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This Look-Better-on-Zoom Spray Will Have Your Coworkers Asking You If You Got a Facial

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There’s a long list of benefits that come with the easy-to-use, uber-hydrating Repechage Algo Mist Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray ($39), but the skin-perfecting, radiant results—even over Zoom, you coworkers will ask if you got a facial—speak volumes with a quick spritz.

My Skin Type:

Super, super, super sensitive to say the least. I have had the privilege of getting a Repechage Four Layer Facial from the iconic Lydia Sarfati herself—as well as some targeted product recommendations—and the brand never leaves me with any redness or irritation. It’s one of the few lines that I know will consistently deliver glowing skin, no matter the product or state of my complexion.

The Benefits:

A lot of sprays hydrate, but this hard-working one has a literal windfall of good-for-your skin ingredients. Vitamin C brightens, aloe moisturizes, and Ginkgo Biloba extra refreshes, while the star of seaweed (as the name suggests) supplies a mix of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes for a serious hydration boost and skin-softening results.

How to Use It:

The question is more, Where can’t you use it? It’s good post-shave, post-makeup, mid-flight, mid-meeting, and you pretty much can’t overdo it or mess it up.

The Bottom Line:

Sprays may be simple, but this one is seriously fantastic—especially in the winter when dealing with dry and dehydrated skin can become an uphill battle.

*You can also try it (full-size) in this year’s Luxury Review Box, along with 37 other products!

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