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This Is the Reason Miley Cyrus Is Staying Blonde — Learn More

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Since her first days in the spotlight, we’ve seen musician and actor Miley Cyrus in a plethora of different hair colors. In her Hannah Montana Disney Channel era, she disguised her long, thick brunette waves with a golden pop star wig. Bangerz-era Cyrus was known for her bright blonde crop, while rocker Cyrus has been sporting a black and white “skunk” style as of late, though she has changed from a highlighted black-and-blonde look to a “halo” style with her bottom layers colored a deep brunette and the top dyed blonde. But with the dawn of a new era and album upon us, a hair color change was in the air for Cyrus — until her godmother Dolly Parton stepped in.

Cyrus told TODAY that she was planning to dye her hair dark for Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, which she’s co-hosting with Parton, but the country legend was not having it. “I’ve never seen Dolly actually scared before,” Cyrus shared. “She acted like I told her the worst news you could imagine.” Parton, of course, has been blonde her entire career and those towering wigs are part of her iconic look.

Upon hearing Cyrus’s color ideas, Parton actually “gasped” and clutched her pearls in (real or faux) shock. “And she goes, ‘You can’t do that. You are me,'” Cyrus laughed. “So I will be blond.” According to Cyrus, she also channeled Parton for the promo photoshoot in a glam Parton-esque dress, big hair and glossy lips, but while she thought the look was “va va voom,” Parton herself actually found it “conservative.” You gotta love some gentle godmother-style ribbing!

While Cyrus is sticking to blonde for her New Year’s Eve event, it does sound like she’s itching for a change. She’s been teasing a “New year, new Miley” message on social and on billboards, so her glam godmother may need to prepare herself for a big transformation.

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