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This Is the Longest, Blondest Hair I’ve Ever Seen on Emma Roberts — See Photos

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Between having not watched the last few seasons of American Horror Story and the out-of-context moments the paparazzi has been capturing when the show films outside in New York City, I have no clue what to expect of the upcoming season other than the following: Cara Delevingne is in it looking nothing like Cara Delevingne, and Emma Roberts is back with the longest hair we’ve ever seen on her. 

Both on set and in real life, Roberts has been sporting very long, very blonde hair since April — let’s call it rib-length. But when cameras caught her filming a scene in a Manhattan park on Monday, June 19, there were definitely a few new inches.

Roberts was seen strolling along the High Line in a light brown maxi dress, followed by a few dozen women wearing some of the most chic, neutral-tone outfits you ever did see. (If onlookers didn’t know better, they might think it was a shoot for an Everlane campaign.) But the real standout was Roberts’s hair, which was long enough to tickle her forearms. 

Likely lengthened with extensions, the side-parted style is a stunning one with loose waves and just a hint of layering.

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