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This Game-Changing Lash Serum Has Hundreds of Five-Star Reviews

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Whether you’ve never tried a lash serum before or your lash extensions just fell out and your eyes look totally bare, a good lash serum can make a world of difference. One we’ve been loving lately is NULASTIN LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum, which is backed by science, ophthalmologist-tested and helps bring lackluster lashes back to life. Here’s everything to know about what makes it so good.

The Benefits of NULASTIN Lash Serum:

Unlike other lash serums, this one contains NULASTIN’s patented Elastaplex technology, which is a mix of ethically sourced DNA proteins with biologically active ingredients. It was originally developed as a treatment for wound healing and tissue regeneration. “We use a cruelty-free form of a real elastin protein in a complex chain of 786 amino acids,” says the brand. “Our flagship ingredient, Tropoelastin, is the precursor to human elastin, a protein that restores elastic properties to the skin and nurtures cells that produce hair follicles. Combining this patented protein with human keratin energizes the hair follicles. This naturally promotes an increased production rate and visibly improves the hair growth cycle.”

Elastaplex is such an exciting innovation because it not only helps reduce shedding of the eyelashes. It also supports the body’s ability to anchor the lash follicle to the root system. When this is achieved, lashes become stronger, thicker and longer-looking. “A majority of our customers get their first unsolicited compliments after a few short weeks,” the brand says. “Results vary from individual to individual and not everyone will respond the same way. How quickly you notice results depends on factors like gender, age, genetic predisposition, environmental conditions, and more.”

After just three weeks of using the serum morning and night, I saw results. I actually noticed my blonde lashes in the mirror without mascara, whereas I usually don’t see them at all if they’re bare. I also noticed a big difference when I applied mascara, especially my lengthening tubing formula. My lashes seemed to stretch further than normal.

In clinical testing, participants saw a 60-percent increase in the appearance of lash length. They also saw up to a 120-percent increase in the appearance of lash density. This was after 12 weeks of using the serum twice a day. A before-and-after image demonstrating these results is pictured below.

How to Use It:

It couldn’t be easier! On clean, dry eyelids, swipe the applicator brush along your lash line just above your lashes. The brand does not recommend using the serum on your bottom lashes, as it could irritate your eye area. Each tube of serum lasts approximately four to six weeks if you use it twice a day. If you only use it once a day, it will last longer, but twice-daily application is recommended for best results. Editor tip: Keep your lash serum near your toothbrush (or any other product you use morning and night), so you won’t forget it!

Price/Where to Buy:


You can also subscribe to receive the lash serum on continuous order at a discount of 15-percent off and free shipping.

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