Monday, July 15, 2024

This Filler Friendly Straw Is Going Viral for Reducing Lip Lines

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Leave it to TikTok creators to introduce us to another thing we never knew we needed. When adding the next viral tumbler to cart, add this lip filler-friendly straw as well to prevent lips lines. It’s also handy for lip flip lovers who have difficulty drinking out of a straw post-procedure.

The Lipzi straw ($17 for two) is gaining traction with lip filler patients for letting you sip without pursing lips. Experts say it may look gimmicky, but using one can reduce the motions that contribute to barcode lip lines.

“As your skin ages you loose collagen and elastin , skin thins out and perioral lines form,” says New York dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD. “In addition to contributing genetic factors, daily repetitive actions like talking, eating, smiling and using a straw can make those lines deeper.”

While you’d have to keep it handy to consistently use it, there is a benefit says Delray Beach, FL facial plastic surgeon Miguel Mascaro, MD, but owning this straw won’t eliminate those lines entirely he notes. “These types of straws can help with fine lines but there will be other times you’ll purse your lips. The best way to them is to augment the volume with fillers or resurface using chemical peels or even lasers.”

As far as using it after a “Botox Lip Flip,” when straw sucking abilities are compromised, Dr. Mascaro adds that this side effect only occurs for a short period after injections. “It can help, but it’s very short lived.”

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