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This Exfoliator Is Like a Facial in a Bottle

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As much as I wish that I could spend the majority of my time getting pampered and pretty at the spa, there’s unfortunately just not enough time (or money) for that many trips. As a result, I’ve spent much of my spare time trying to find products that leave my skin feeling like I just walked out of a facial, which is no easy feat. I’ve encountered many products that claim to be a “facial in a bottle” but Face Reality’s Antioxidant Scrub ($29) is the only product I’ve found that truly fits the bill.

My Skin Type:

A mix of combination and sensitive. My skin is super reactive, so I bounce between oily and dry pretty easily depending on the weather, external circumstances etc. I’m also acne prone, so that adds a whole different dimension to both the sensitivity and oiliness.

The Benefits:

My favorite thing about this product is that it truly nails the balance between being an effective exfoliator without being too rough. As mentioned, I have very sensitive skin, so I’ve struggled with exfoliating products that irritate my skin instead of helping it, but Face Reality’s Antioxidant Scrub is perfectly scrubby without being rough. The star of this product, for me, is the natural cellulose beads that allow for this product to gently remove dead skin, exfoliate the skin and improve further penetration of active treatments, serums and creams.

The formula is sulfate-free and and contains a powerful complex of antioxidants that also help support acne-prone skin, which has been a life-saver for me. I’ve tried so many products that felt nice in the moment, but ended up breaking me out days later, and having tried this product for weeks now I can assure you that is not the case. I’ve used this product once a day (and sometimes twice) for a few weeks now and it truly is like a facial in a bottle. Every time I use it, it leaves my skin feeling the kind of fresh and clean that I’ve only ever felt after a professional facial. I’ve even had my family ask me if I’d gotten a facial recently after using this scrub because of just how radiant and clean it makes your skin look and feel.

How to Use It:

Apply a small amount to damp skin and massage into until a light, foaming lather forms. Massage gently into the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry and enjoy your spa-day skin.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re craving a fresh facial but you just don’t have the means, this product is the secret to harnessing the power of a spa day from home. The best part? You can use it whenever you want, so we can all finally live out our spa-day dreams thanks to Face Reality.

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