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The View’s Ana Navarro Shares Stunning Skin-Tightening Results

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Ana Navarro, co-host of The View, is being transparent with her fans about her recent anti-aging treatments. Emphasizing that her regimen is not sponsored, the 51-year-old shares her three step routine for achieving better, glowier, tighter skin after 50.

“This is not a paid partnership. I pay for my stuff,” Navarro wrote about her recent transformation. “A lot of you comment that my skin looks better and ask me what I’m doing. Three things: 1. @carloswolfmd injects my forehead and crow’s feet with Daxxify (longer-lasting Botox),” she shared. “Since turning 50, I religiously use sunscreen, retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid serums. I wish I’d started sooner.”

For her beautiful glow-up, Navarro credits her third step, the celeb-loved microneedling with radio-frequency treatment Morpheus 8. “I’ve completed the three-treatment package of Morpheus 8,” she went on to explain. “I get it with the amazing @dermandbeautynp at Dr. Wolf’s office in Coral Gables. Morpheus 8 is microneedling and high-frequency heat applied with a pistol-type device, resembling an electric glue-gun. The idea is to promote your skin’s own collagen growth.”


Ana Navarro says she couldn’t see the positive changes when looking in the mirror, but her before and after images really made an impact. “When I saw these photos, I was like whoa!” she said.

The CNN contributor and cohost went on to say downtime was manageable and included being a little red and staying out of the sun.

As far as value, she adds that her treatment package was an investment but not as expensive as other anti-aging procedures. “It’s not cheap,” Navarro continued, “though it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than surgery.”

“I’m not recommending anything. I’m just sharing what I’m doing,” she went on to tell fans. “What I would recommend is that if you are going to do injectables or Morpheus 8, you do your research and find a reputable place. Injectables gone wrong is not a good look. Ok. That’s all.”

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