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The Under-$30 Priming Moisturizer Lady Gaga Uses

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When Lady Gaga feels like a groupie, you know the reason must be insane.

And of course, collaborating with the Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder could turn anyone into an excited fan, even an icon like Gaga. Sharing her elation at the opportunity, Gaga’s latest mirror selfie is a celebration. Her appearance on the Rolling Stones’ latest song, “Sweet Sounds of Heaven,” released today, is a gospel blues take-me-to-church moment that not even she can seem to believe. “Don’t mind me I’m just a groupie,” she writes while sticking out her tongue at the mirror, wearing a Rolling Stones shirt.

The experience of recording the single was one Gaga had never had before. “Making the ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven,’ I sang in a way I never really sang before except for with Mick,” Gaga writes in another Instagram post celebrating the release. “And Andrew and I both cried—there’s something about witnessing music history and when you get to be a part of it I think that’s exactly what our heaven feels like. It’s just a sweet sound.”

It’s a music history and a collab for the ages, to be sure. But, you’ll forgive us if we also take a peek at the products crowded in at her mirror.


Gaga’s Moisturizer of Choice

We’re not surprised, but we spotted a cult classic in Gaga’s celebratory post. Amongst the makeup was French pharmacy brand Embryolisse’s Lait Crème Concentré ($29), which has long been beloved by makeup artists and dermatologists. We’ve also had a long-lasting love for Embryolisse here at NewBeauty. It’s safe for sensitive skin, and delivers gentle hydration. Aside from a moisturizer, the Lait Crème Concentré acts as a primer before makeup, amongst many other talents. Packed with shea butter and beeswax, this multitasker is also a cleanser, an after-sun treatment, and even a moisturizing mask.

“Its winning formula includes a blend of essential ingredients from natural origin,” the brand explains. “Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it delivers nutrients to the skin, retains moisture and protects it from external aggressions.”

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