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The Trend One Celebrity Makeup Artist Says “Will Be Around for a Very Long Time”

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Trends are in one second and out the next—but which ones are here to stay? We spoke with celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter to get her thoughts on what beauty trends are going to make it out of summer alive.

Linter, who’s worked with everyone from Christie Brinkley to Rita Wilson, has been in the beauty and fashion industry since the days of Studio 54, and has seen some of the same trends rise and fall and rise again under new names.

And this summer is no exception.

With an overflowing number of trending looks from Barbie and mermaid-core, to Latte Makeup, to Golden Hour Glow, there’s only one that Linter expects to last.

“This is easy,” Linter says.  “A version of Latte Makeup has been around since I started doing makeup editorially in 1973.”

This is the other half to the 70s glam looks, where the goal was natural, sun-kissed and warm. Think Beverly Johnson on the cover of Vogue in 1974, when earth tones and apricot colors were hugely popular.

“The idea is that the lids, cheeks and lips are all done in the same tones of soft browns,” Linter explains. “This makes the face look monochromatic.”

But of course, this look didn’t stick to the 70s. Over the years, the warm monochromatic look comes up over and over. You can tell by how most creators call Latte Makeup a 90s trend. Of course, neutrals were a big deal in the 90s too, but this just shows you how formidable this makeup look really is.

According to Linter, this easy, no-fuss is not going anywhere anytime soon. “This is a trend that will be around for a very long time,” Linter says. “It’s one of my favorite looks, ever.”

Mattes and glows may come and go, but a good warm, neutral palette is here to stay. Find out how to get the look here.

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