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The Sculpting Skin-Care Tool Hailey Bieber Says Everyone Should Have

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When Hailey Bieber takes to TikTok to talk about beauty, we listen.

Appearing on @sheerluxe’s TikTok to answer rapid fire questions, with skin a-glow, Bieber shares her favorite autumn drink and hints at the exciting things in the pipeline for her beauty brand, Rhode. She even uses the Rhode Glazing Milk to the last drop!


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Tucked neatly into these quick questions is a little pearl of skincare wisdom that Bieber imparts: you need a gua sha.

“One beauty tool everyone needs in their life is a gua sha,” Bieber says, nodding to herself.

Typically made of jade or rose quartz, a gua sha is an ancient Chinese medicinal tool used to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. As a beauty tool, it’s used in combination with serums or oils to glide smoothly across your skin. Gently, a gua sha can massage away tension, inflammation and even help reduce sinus pressure. Just don’t be rough!

Bieber’s skincare routine has been the big questions on everyone’s mind when it comes to her perfectly glazed skin, and learning that she incorporates a gua sha gets us all one step closer to the full breakdown we clearly crave. With Bieber’s seal of approval, I don’t know about you, but I’ll be gua sha shopping.

You can check out our full guide to using a gua sha here.

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