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The Funny Way Sophie Turner Applies Lip Balm

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Team Sophie Turner here, reporting about some of our Queen of the North’s beauty necessities she has on hand while traveling. Turner travels a lot for work and, of course, to and from England, so she’s an expert in how to make everything she needs fit into one gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag. While most of it was snacks—see Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Bar and Bisto Gravy Granules—there were also some essential self-care items in Turner’s purse while chatting with Vogue.

Everyone loves Vaseline, including Turner. She says she uses “old trusty Vaseline” Lip Therapy Original ($6) as her lip balm since “you can’t go wrong with it.” That’s not strange in itself, any of us have a lip balm stashed on hand, but the way Turner applies it is singular, and it’s inspired me to try it myself.

“I tend to like to put on my lip balm by like kissing it,” says Turner. She has a tin of Vaseline and demonstrates the process by pouting her lips and sticking them straight into the ointment. “I don’t want grubby nails in my Vaseline,” says Turner, including her own. “You know when your friends like rub their fingers in it and stuff. I don’t let them do that this is mine,” says Turner. City dwellers, take this hot tip into consideration the next time you’re using a lip balm pot.

Sophie Turner also pulled a Louis Vuitton Denim Scrunchy S00 ($275) from her bag. There’s a reason she’s a relatable queen, this being one of them. “I don’t like to eat without tying my hair back, so I always have to have a hair tie because I’m always eating,” she says. She also has a travel perfume on hand that appears to be Louis Vuitton as well.

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