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The Facial Tool Jennifer Coolidge Swears By

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One highlight of this year’s award show season has been watching Jennifer Coolidge cement her place in television and entertainment history. Not only do we want to know what she’s wearing and watch her give hilarious acceptance speech after acceptance as she sweeps the best actress and supporting actress categories, we also want to know the details behind her glowing skin and bombshell looks. The fan favorite recently confessed that it wasn’t until a few years ago that she started looking closely at skin-care ingredients after learning she was allergic to makeup.

In a recent interview with Glamour UK, Coolidge shared that her skin was highly reactive and it was her constant use of makeup that was to blame. “My eyes would always be tearing up, but it never occurred to me that it was my makeup,” she said. The only formulas that work now are those without anything “extra” in them, she adds. “I have such a quick reaction to stuff. I like stores like The Detox Market. You go in there and it’s all natural oils, natural makeup that doesn’t have any of the parabens or whatever. There’s another one in New Orleans: Vibrant Market. It’s this very cutting-edge, natural store for the skin and they actually have an incredible inventory.”

While putting together gift bags for friends, the award-winning star shared her own skin-care routine. “I’m giving everyone the same thing. I’m obsessed with those [face] rollers because I think they made a difference. I got everyone a Mount Lai Rose Quartz Tension Melting Massager ($72),” shared Coolidge. “And Agent Nateur has an incredible eye serum called Holi(glow) ($99).” The ageless eye and lip serum has a cooling and soothing effect, depuffs tired eyes and brightens age spots and dark circles.

Another at-home staple to get her seal of approval is the celeb-loved Solawave Skin Care Wand ($149). “Oh yeah, you know what else I got? I love this vibration wand,” she said. “It’s like the roller except it does the work for you. It’s actually got a battery in it, and I really like that. Now you can get anything. There’s a glow for your face that can make you look like you just rolled around on the moon.”

You can’t get a better recommendation than that. Not only do we want to look like we’ve rolled around on the moon, too, we’ll also have what she’s having.

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