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The Facial Massager Eva Longoria Uses Every Day

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Eva Longoria has long been a beacon of beauty—and nothing has changed as she nears 50. Longoria is an open book about her beauty secrets, from devices she uses to serums she savors. She described herself as a “skin-care maximalist” when talking with Glamour recently. She also shared the device she’s “very much into” right now and another that she’s “noticed such a difference” from using.

Longoria says she’s currently loving the face massager Facify Beauty Wand ($399). “It has these rotating balls, you turn it on, and it vibrates, rotates, heats up, and cools,” she explains. “It’s this great little machine. I use it every day, especially when I’m shooting, and it just gets the blood flowing.”

The tool provides a great facial massage, similar to that of a gua sha, says Longoria, “but easier because these balls are electronic, and they’re moving for you.”

Another device Longoria has been loving is the Lyma Laser ($2,695). “Oh my God, I noticed such a difference,” she says of the first FDA-approved at-home laser. The Lyma Laser means business as it’s much stronger than LED treatments. It addresses common signs of aging, including texture, tone, pigmentation, skin elasticity and lines and wrinkles.

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