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The Best Purple Toothpaste For Brighter, Whiter Teeth

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Purple shampoo has been a gold standard for keeping blonde hair bright and preventing brassiness from taking over. In recent years, a handful of brands have applied this concept to teeth. Since yellow and purple are opposite each other on the color wheel, there are pigments in purple that balance out yellow tones, which tend to be unwanted in blonde hair and teeth. You can think of purple toothpaste as a toner for your teeth. Trying the trend can feel risky when your mouth is full of magenta goo, but these are the brands to trust with your smile.

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Hismile V34 Colour Corrector Serum ($24)

Kim Kardashian has proclaimed her love for this “purple shampoo of teeth.” In a previous Instagram story, she told followers she was “obsessed” with the formula that “uses V34 color correcting technology to minimize unwanted yellow tones and staining.” She even showed the camera how “white and neutralized” her teeth looked after using the product. The brand notes that this serum works best when paired with a whitening treatment, but it could also be used on its own, along with toothpaste, to conceal yellow undertones.


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Crest 3D White Brilliance Teeth Whitening Purple Toothpaste ($7)

We’ve trusted our oral health in the hands of Crest for years, so it feels safe to try a trend when they’re in on it. Crest claims this purple toothpaste removes 100 percent more surface stains in three days than regular toothpaste. The formula provides 24-hour prevention against surface stains when used twice daily. The innovative technology does just what you want purple toothpaste to do—reduce yellow tones and brighten teeth.


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Snow Purple Brightening Toothpaste Color Correcting Tablets ($12)

This temporary teeth brightener helps conceal yellow undertones for a whiter, more luminous smile on demand. Not only will these tablets help brighten dull teeth, but they’re also a plastic-free, sustainable way to maintain your oral health. You pop one in your mouth and chew until you notice it starting to foam, and then you brush as usual.


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