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The Best Breasts From the Past 100 Years

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Just like fashion, hair styles, and makeup trends, what’s been considered the best-looking breast shape has changed over time. The perception of beautiful breasts has evolved throughout history, influenced by cultural, societal, and aesthetic factors. Throughout history, varying characteristics have played pivotal roles in shaping ideals of breast beauty.

In ancient civilizations, such as Greece and Rome, small and symmetrical breasts were favored, reflecting a preference for modesty and balance. During the Renaissance, full breasts with a gentle slope were idealized, representing fertility and motherhood. In the 20th century, the advent of Hollywood glamour led to a shift towards more voluptuous figures, exemplified by icons like Marilyn Monroe.

From the flatter chests of the 1920s to the overwhelming embrace of full cleavage today, these are the best boobs that have been considered ideal in the last century. Whether it’s a cleavage making “upper breast fullness,” perkiness, or an athletic look, what we consider to be the “best boobs” continues to evolve. While we know taste is subjective, this list of celebrity women with the best breasts have made an impression on the world at large.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the fascinating world of breast aesthetics, exploring the ever-changing standards of beauty, the icons who have left their indelible mark on this evolution, and the secrets behind achieving the perfect décolletage in today’s world. From ancient Greece to modern Hollywood, join us on a journey through time and culture to discover the stories of the best breasts ever.

The Best Breasts Ever

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Like most of the fashion in its time, breasts were downplayed for more of a masculine silhouette.

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With Marilyn Monroe at the forefront of enviable style, voluptuous-looking breasts made a comeback.

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Breasts were full, but with more forward projection, as seen here on a young Raquel Welch.

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As the bold looks of the 60s died down, women embraced the natural look of their breasts, and breasts that drooped were considered acceptable.

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Continuing with the aesthetic trend, the mid-70’s were about a highlighting the natural fullness, no matter the size. Bras became passé and the emphasis was on showing more skin.

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The 80s weren’t just about big hair—silicone implants were almost always used for augmentations as the procedure’s popularity grew.

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The emergence of Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson increased the popularity of big, round and firm breasts.

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At the turn of a new century, the paradigm began to shift towards more natural-looking, full breasts.

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As the millennium progressed, proportion and balance remained a desirable look as the trend continued to move away from the Playmate aesthetic.

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Just a few years ago, attention turned to cleavage that doesn’t look fake with options of round and full or natural and full breasts.

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In the 2020s, a more natural-looking fullness continues to trend. Proportionate breasts that are mid- to low profile and don’t look overly full remains the most desired aesthetic.

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As it was the 60s, embracing the breasts you were born with is a trend that is prevalent again. However, larger, fuller breasts are making a return, with the aesthetic preference leaning toward a more natural appearance with a much lower profile than the Baywatch-babe style of the past.

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As with the 70s, attitudes are shifting and breast size, shape and firmness are no longer at the forefront. Braless styles, natural drooping and diminutive, implant-free breasts are in favor with Generation Z.

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