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The Best Beauty Trends We Saw in 2022

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This year was full of trends, from bleached brows and curtain bangs to jello skin and invisible eyeliner. Not all of the TikTok beauty trends are worth trying, and we’ve talked to experts to weed out the ones that aren’t worthwhile (looking at you foundation frothing.) We’ve rounded up some of the best trends we’ve written about this year, so you can try them before the new year or take them into 2023 with you.

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Naked nails

According to Google data, the top beauty trend of 2022 was the naked glazed donut nails popularized by none other than like dewy queen herself, Hailey Bieber. The trend is easier to achieve than you might think and so satisfying when finished. Experts shared the best polish colors to use to nail the trend.

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Curtain bangs

Bangs of all shapes and sizes were trending this year, but perhaps none were as popular as the curtain bang. The trend is still going strong, with dozens of celebrities sporting it on red carpets. Experts say it’s the perfect cut if you’re looking to play up your femininity.

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Siren eyes

The siren eye trend evokes the seductive energy of sirens into eye makeup, giving the wearer an irresistible, captivating glare. It’s somewhat of a modern take on the fox eye and serves seduction and drama in a big way.

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Two-toned hair

“Oh, the ’90s are back with the high contrast of two-toned colors making a very bold statement,” creative director of Style & Color at L’Oréal, Jonathan Colombini, told us. Experts shared the best way to approach the trend.


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I’m cold makeup

This trend has been all over TikTok during the colder months of 2022. It gives you “a fresh just stepped in from the cold and ready to snuggle up with some hot cocoa look,” Kevyn Aucoin global director of artistry and education Nick Lujan, told us, and who wouldn’t want that?

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Bleached brows without the bleach

Celebrities, models and TikTok stars alike were drawn to bleached brows this year. If you don’t want to commit to bleaching your brows, there are plenty of makeup tricks you can try to have blonde brows for the night.

Courtesy of Jenna Nicole

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Copper berry hair

In the fall, the copper berry hair color was everywhere. Redken brand ambassador Matt Rez, who recently gave Ashlee Simpson a fall hair color refresh with this shade, told us it’s “the perfect marriage of copper with strawberry blonde pops.”

Instagram: byjamiebruce

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Primal movement

Primal movement is predicted to be a huge trend in 2023, but it got its start in 2022. It involves mindful movements that match what our body was meant to do. Kira Jones Matousek, founder of Cacti Wellness, told us there’s been a “shift towards doing things that actually feel good” and paying attention to our inner needs. She sees this manifesting in various ways, one of them being primal movement since it’s “a great example of following instincts.”

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Triple barrel wavers

Spate found that tools that create natural-looking waves were trending this year. Searches for wave irons, wave curlers and triple barrel wavers grew significantly. The triple barrel waver alone has grown over 70 percent in searches year-on-year. See what all the hype is about and pick the perfect one for you.

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Jello skin

Who wants their skin to look like bouncy jello? Apparently everyone. TikToker Ava Lee, who coined the term, explained to us that “by definition, Jello skin is having skin that is so elastic that when you move it, it bounces back, just like Jello.” However, it’s so much more than just the texture. It’s a whole lifestyle that focuses on internal wellness and external skin care.”

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Invisible eyeliner

The invisible eyeliner trend is essentially a reverse cat eye using concealer. Do you have natural colors on your lids or under eyes, like purple or brown? This trend will employ those usually pesky shades almost as eyeshadow.

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Micro bangs

“Style always repeats itself,” creative director, master stylist and colorist Paul Labrecque with Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa told us. “Micro bangs started in the 1950s with glamour girls like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.” The trend is back with stars like Zendaya, Emma Watson, Halle Berry, Alexa Demie and Zoe Kravitz sporting the trend.

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Passport makeup

Looking great in your passport photo is timeless. The recent trend promotes the perfect makeup application to look your best in the small square on your driver’s license and passport.

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Ear seeding

Ear seeding is essentially acupuncture for the needle averse. It’s also great for those looking to get healing benefits on the go. Cofounder of WTHN and licensed acupuncturist Shari Auth, DACM, told us ear seeding has “been shown to reduce pain, balance hormones, calm the mind, improve digestion, support immunity, help detox and increase focus.”

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Tired eyes

Yes, tired eyes are trending, and it’s actually a pretty sexy look. Think grungy, smokey eye adjacent to the siren eye. Celebrity makeup artists gave us all the tips on how to get “a sexy tired eye that looks like you had the best night of your life.”

TikTok: katereynoldsmua

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Cinnamon nails

The TikTok famous trend is based on the idea that cinnamon brings abundance. The technique involves mixing cinnamon with clear polish to help manifest your dreams.


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