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The $16 Lip Stain Emma Watson “Really Can’t Live Without”

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Emma Watson has been the epitome of grace since we first saw her on the Harry Potter red carpet with more confidence and poise than the average teenager. We’ve loved watching her professional journey, but she tends to be pretty private about her personal life. The 33-year-old rarely posts on Instagram and is not commonly seen in pop culture magazines. Recently, she gave Vogue a sneak peek into what’s inside her Prada backpack as she travels back home to London. We noticed a couple of our own favorite beauty products worth highlighting.

Multipurpose Favorites

Stars they’re just like us. They use their favorite products until the last crusty drop and search high and low to replace them. “I’ve been wearing this forever, it’s disgusting now, but it’s from The Body Shop it’s a lip stain and cheek stain,” says Watson, pulling out the product. Later, she finds a few more in her makeup bag and adds, “The thing I probably really can’t live without is these Body Shop stains. I think they actually might have stopped doing them, so I had to buy a bunch of them on eBay because I’m so obsessed with them.”

Good news for Watson, The Body Shop tells us the stain is actually in stock, but under a new name. Now called Sheer Touch Lip & Cheek Tint ($16) the product has been reformulated and repackaged. The formula comes in four shades and is now vegan and housed in a recyclable bottle. Watson shared a few other favorites that reside in her travel bag alongside the stain. She declares that if she only wore the lip and cheek stain and Lune+Aster RealGlow Under Eye Brightener ($30), she “could probably get away with it.”

Mascara Must-Haves

Watson pulled out tubing mascara from her Merit makeup bag. “I’ve been wearing tubular mascara for years. I love them because they come off with hot water. So when I shower, I don’t have to use a makeup remover or anything like that. And it’s kind of more gentle on your eyes,” she says. It appears her mascara of choice is Trish McEvoy High Volume Tubular Mascara ($34). “When I go to an airport, maybe it’s the conditioning of being where I might be photographed, and there might be paparazzi there, but I do try to put myself a little bit together for the airport, but when I get on the airplane I’ll usually take stuff off, and I will try to moisturize and drink water.”

More Staples

She also loves Epicuren Anti-Aging Lip Balm ($14). “It’s amazing. It has SPF 15 in it and tea tree. So I think I tell myself that it’s going to stop me from getting sick,” she says. Watson has a perfect smattering of natural freckles, and she tends to miss them when they fade a bit. That’s where Lime Crime Freckle Pen ($15) comes in. “I absolutely love [it] and use in the winter when my freckles kind of go away and I want to bring out the ones on my nose,” says Watson. The star also shares that she’s been using the Jane Iredale Lip Pencil ($20) for years. The one she pulls out of her makeup bag is in her favorite shade Spice.

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