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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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Power up, Taurus! On Tuesday, 2023’s only full moon in Aquarius may bring well-deserved developments for your career. If you’ve been working diligently over the past six months, then your noble efforts could bring a bumper crop of rewards. Or, if you’ve been chomping at the bit to go solo, you could launch your own dream project. Some Bulls will be publicly acknowledged for your work, but don’t wait for that. Use the next two weeks to market and promote. Or, ask for a meeting with the top brass so you can make them aware of what you’ve been up to. If you work for yourself, ping those A-list clients and get a Zoom on the books, or maybe even “old school” drinks after work. Just one catch: While unorthodox methods may be called for to win the gig, tamp down overly aggressive approaches and make sure you’re not TOO much of a maverick. Since full moons can bring surprises, be ready to leap on a challenging assignment that could crop up out of the blue. If it doesn’t come with a huge cash offer, will it help you gain priceless experience? Interface directly with the power players? Consider all the benefits before saying yay or nay.  

You might not have a long fuse when it comes to “stupid human tricks” this weekend, and one person in particular could really get to you—especially if they threaten to thwart your progress. With outspoken Jupiter blazing through your sign since May 16 (and sticking around until May 25, 2024) you’re on fire and have no intention of stopping for anyone. But you don’t want to mow people down along your ambitious path, okay?

As the willful Sun in your foundational fourth house clashes with Jupiter this Sunday, it could cause some volcanic emotions (yours or someone else’s) to rise to the surface. In your zeal to accomplish a goal, you may have inadvertently excluded an important ally from your game plan or taken a shortcut that didn’t go over well with someone. This isn’t something you want to gloss over. Take a moment to reflect on what happened and your role in it, and then reach out to the offended party and smooth any ruffled feathers. No one will be interested in excuses—all they need to hear is a genuine apology and a compassionate validation of their feelings.

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But hey, your ruling planet Venus IS retrograde from July 22 to September 3. If you’ve been a bit off your game lately, that could explain it. The truth is, you want these touchy-feely types in your corner because when the chips are down, they’re your best allies on the planet. 

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