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Tarte’s Sculpt Tape Contour Is What Sculpted Dreams Are Made Of: Editor Review, See Photos

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I’m the first to admit that I like my skin tan, chiseled, and glowy all year round. That said, when a new product hits the beauty industry and claims to do all three, I know I immediately need to get my hands on it — and that’s exactly what I did when I first heard the news about Tarte’s Sculpt Tape Contour

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a professional when it comes to contouring but I will say that I have tried my fair share of contour products (hello, many years of Best of Beauty testing) and I have a pretty good grasp of what types of formulas work for me. However, I normally stick to cream or powder formulas when it comes to sculpting my face — so this Tarte one feels kind of like uncharted waters for me. 

Sculpt Tape Contour is a liquid formula that’s packaged in a tube that distributes the product out of a cushion tip, similar to how the viral Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand operates. However, what makes this one different is the skin-loving ingredients that are in it. Each of the five shades is loaded with moisturizing shea butter, brightening licorice root, and hydrating glycerin. For a deeper look into the list, New Jersey-based cosmetic chemist Ginger King noted that the diamond powder in the formula contains dimethicone, a smoothing ingredient that will give skin a filter-like effect.

All five shades of the Tarte Sculpt Tape Contour: Cool Bronze, Soft Bronze, Warm Bronze, Deep Bronze, and Rich Bronze.

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To learn how to apply this contour product to perfection, I opened TikTok to see how all the girlies on the app were applying. After all, it did go viral after launching earlier this year. It seemed like everyone did it the way it’s explained on Tarte’s website — to dot the areas you want to contour and blend it out with a sponge or brush. Seemed simple enough, so it was time to get to work. 

I applied a little bit of moisturizer and primer to my skin first before popping the cap of the product. I twisted the applicator to unlock and gently squeezed the tube to dispense the formula to the cushion tip. I applied the shade Medium Bronze to my skin as so: four dots across my forehead, four across my jawline, three on each hollow of my cheeks, and a few dots down the bridge of my nose.

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