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Tara Lipinski Shares Her Derm-Approved, In-Flight Waterless-Cleansing Hack

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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who has spent as much time in cold, dry conditions over the years—and had to couple that with full-on glam makeup applications—as Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinski. Even though the 40-year-old hung up her ice skates years ago, her now-career as an on-air sports commentator still involves “TV makeup,” as well as a whole lot of round-trip flights—both of which have fueled the CeraVe ambassador to perfect her hydrated skin-care routine.

Moisture Musts:

“I’m big on moisturization. During the winter months, I have to feel hydrated and moisturized and that stems from living in an ice-cold, dark rink for so many years. Even as a kid and when I was a teenager, I dealt with little rashes and rough spots and that’s where I started using CeraVe. My mom always had CeraVe in the house and I was never afraid to keep using it. At the rink, I would use the moisturizing cream or the healing ointment to help a little irritation on my ankle or on my face—it really helps with the hydration that my skin so desperately needed.”

Jason DeCrow/Invision for CeraVe/AP Images

Derm Call:

“I’m not on the ice anymore, but I am in front of a camera, so I’m usually loaded with heavy makeup for TV. TV makeup is such a pet peeve of mine! I cannot stand heavy makeup! I love taking my facial cleanser with me on the plane—even if it’s a little bottle. I don’t love using the water in the airplane bathrooms, so I will just take like one of those makeup-erasers rags and use the facial cleanser straight on my skin; I use it without water, just to get everything off. I asked my dermatologist if it was OK to use it that way, and she said my application is spot-on. It takes my makeup off, it takes the heaviness off, the mascara, everything! It doesn’t make your skin feel like it’s left with any type of film or residue. When I’m on-the-go and I don’t have water, that’s usually my little trick.”

Light Show:

“I just bought one of those LYMA home lasers; I like to bring that and a facial mask with me when I travel. I really spent time researching the company and it supposedly is really great for your skin and it’s easy to travel with. I guess that would be my little self-care moment of late.”

Jason DeCrow/Invision for CeraVe/AP Images

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