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Sydney Sweeney Looks Like a Different Person With Her Massive 1980s Prom Curls — See the Photos

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Happy birthday, Sydney Sweeney! The Euphoria star rang in her 26th trip around the sun with an over-the-top ’80s prom-themed party in partnership with REVOLVE and she’s practically unrecognizable with her massive on-theme curls.

Sweeney went all out for the celebration in a prom princess look centered around her enormous, hairsprayed-to-the-gods honey blonde curls, just like they did it back in the ’80s. Her hair was parted deeply to one side for that signature Valley Girl flip and curled into ringlets, then teased out for lots of big, bold, fluffy volume from roots to ends. Not one section of hair hasn’t been curled, teased and sprayed within an inch of its life to make Sweeney’s vision a reality, and I can basically smell the Aqua-Net emanating off these party pics, it’s that realistic. Is this a sign that giant teased hair is making a comeback? We’ve already seen the resurgence of ’90s supermodel volume, so this is the next logical step, right?

Samuel Alemayhu

Samuel Alemayhu

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