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Supplements Formulated Specifically for People Over 50

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Flinstone Vitamins and gummy supplements were a fun nightly tradition as a kid. However, as you age, supplements tend to grow in number and decline in taste profile. After hitting 50, your medicine cabinet may need a bit of adjusting since your body is going through some big shifts. From menopause and joint aches to brain fog and bone density, there’s a supplement for everything. These supplements were formulated specifically with people over 50 in mind to help it be their healthiest, happiest decade yet.

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Parable Daily ($99)

While people are often singularly focused on the physical signs of aging when in their 50s, it’s important to get ahead on taking care of your brain health. That’s right, add braincare to your routine. This formula was developed by neuroscientists to act as an all-in-one supplement for staving off mental signs of aging. Skip swallowing dry pills and mix this powdered oat milk into coffee, tea or a smoothie to get your daily dose of support for healthy brain function, cognitive health, focus, executive focus, mental well-being and more.


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Ritual Essential for Women Multivitamin 50+ ($39)

Ritual’s widely beloved multivitamin was reimagined to support post-menopausal women with nutrients that promote healthy aging. This supplement goes beyond the call of action, promising to support immune function, muscle function and bone and heart health for true head-to-toe health.


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Stripes The Support System ($40)

This probiotic vaginal support supplement from Naomi Watt’s line is about to be your new best friend. The super-specialized care is well-suited for a person at any stage of menopause to help support and promote a healthy vaginal microbiome.


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Bonafide Relizen ($57)

If you suffer from hot flashes or night sweats, you need to give this easy breezy solution a try. The hormone-free relief helps women stay cool and dry, which ultimately also helps reduce fatigue, calm irritability and improve sleep.


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First Day Adults Daily Flex Joint Support ($60)

If joint pain is sneaking up on you, combat it with these supplements. Proprietary ingredients in these pills promise to help reduce joint discomfort, decrease inflammation and support mobility.

Adults Daily Flex Joint Support

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Love Wellness Whole Love 50+ Multivitamin + Omega-3s ($30)

This set, made especially for women over 50, comes with two supplements that help relieve menopause symptoms and maintain bone density. As the body’s level of estrogen drops and everything begins shifting, these supplements will help even things out and abate pesky menopause symptoms.


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Womaness Me.No.Pause ($40)

You don’t have to press pause on your life while going through menopause. This supplement will help you hit play and keep moving forward despite symptoms. This once-daily pill helps tackle hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness while supporting memory and mood.


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Nutrafol Hormone Support Hair Growth Duo ($98 a month)

Hair loss is an inevitable part of aging for some women, but Nutrafol can help you hang onto your hair for longer. This duo helps support visible improvement in hair growth and thickness while managing menopause symptoms. From hair shedding to hot flashes, this set has your back.


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Flo Meno Menopause Vitamin Capsules ($40)

Flo has people covered throughout the whole menstruating experience with supplements for PMS as well as menopause. This hormone-free supplement includes ingredients that are clinically proven to help relieve hot flashes, night sweats, occasional sleeplessness and mood swings.


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Binto Menopause: The Survival Kit ($43)

This survival kit’s ultimate goal is to get you back to feeling like yourself again. In each daily packet, you’ll find two multivitamins, a probiotic and prebiotic and DHA/EPA. This mixture of medicinals helps relieve hot flashes, improve sleep, restore balance to the body and mind and support bone, joint, heart and brain health.


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Wile 40+ Hormonal Wellness ($40)

Although this supplement is advertised to the over-40 group, it’s meant to help ease all of the transitions, including pre-, peri and post-menopause. The 100-percent plant-derived formula will help your body maintain a better baseline to streamline these transitions. Expect healthier sleep habits, less stress, more resilience, stronger focus and better mods.


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