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Selena Gomez Got a Head Start on Winter With Her “I’m Cold” Makeup Look — See Photos

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Last winter, “I’m Cold” makeup was all over TikTok. The viral trend is primarily named for its flushed cheeks, meant to give the illusion that you just stepped inside from the cold. The look has already come and gone as far as the Internet is concerned, but based on Selena Gomez‘s latest makeup look, she’s more than ready for the trend to make a comeback. 

On October 30, Gomez attended the Los Angeles Lakers versus Orlando Magic basketball game in Los Angeles. She was dressed in a black shirt and matching leather jacket. Her dark hair was brushed back into a tight bun without a single flyaway, making us wonder what products she used for the sleek style.

Her “I’m Cold” makeup matched the minimalism of her hair and style, and knowing her, she likely used Rare Beauty products for the look. Her skin was super dewy, especially around her forehead, nose, and cheekbones, which was likely the result of a liquid highlighter. Her cheeks and nose were a rosy hue. Applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and across the nose is the key to recreating the viral TikTok trend. 

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