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See the First Photos of Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Kissing

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Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet made it clear during their first public appearance that they are not just friends. The couple was photographed and filmed kissing in the VIP section of Beyoncé’s Los Angeles concert on September 4 in shots TMZ shared on Monday morning. The outlet described them as “packing on the PDA in front of a huge crowd and a slew of celebs.” See photos and videos below from TMZ:

kylie jenner and timothee chalamet kissing


kylie jenner and timothee chalamet kissing


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Jenner and Chalamet were first reported to be romantically involved in April. They were first filmed together in January, seemingly meeting at Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris fashion week show.

The couple has been very secretive about their relationship since reports broke of their dating. The most paparazzi had previously captured of them is photos of Jenner’s car at Chalamet’s house. They were once photographed walking together in June, but no PDA was shown.

Two sources spoke about the pair’s dynamic in August, calling it casual.

A source told Us on August 28, “Kylie and Timothée haven’t been spending that much time together recently because they both have very busy schedules. But they’re still communicating on a pretty regular basis and have remained friends despite the fact that they don’t hang out that often. They run in the same circle of friends, and have a great time when they’re together, but it’s not that serious. Kylie is having fun and although she’s open to seeing where things go, they’re not in a committed relationship. Things are very casual.”

On August 16, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “Kylie and Timothée are still seeing each other when they can. Kylie’s busy with work and traveling a lot, but they make time for each other when it works and both like each other. They’re keeping things low key and chill for now, but get along great and have fun together.”

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