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Scott Disick Is Reportedly ‘Really Gutted’ by Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Announcement

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More details have come out about how Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and father of her three children, is struggling with the news that she is expecting her fourth child with her new husband Travis Barker. Disick accepts that Kardashian has moved on, the Daily Mail reports per two sources close to him, but the Father’s Day weekend timing of the announcement and her omission of him in her Father’s Day Instagram Story tributes to Barker and her late father Robert Kardashian was not well received.

One source told the Daily Mail that Disick knew the baby news before the world did, but not through his former partner. “Scott has known for a minute that Kourtney was pregnant he found out through her family who didn’t want him to be caught off guard,” the source said. “Scott is over Kourtney and feels like he doesn’t even recognize her anymore. Not many of her old friends do as she has completely ditched her group of long-time childhood friends. She has taken on a new identity…and that is okay she can be Morticia Adams if she wants to. What really was a jab in the heart was when Scott was with their kids yesterday and saw Kourtney’s Father’s Day post. To mention Travis and her dad but leave the father of her own children out was completely disrespectful. She knows what an amazing father he is to their kids and she could have had at least an inkling of decency. He did not get a text message, phone call, nothing.”

A second source said that he is still a little salty that he and Kardashian didn’t work out as a couple. While they broke up in 2015, Disick had tried to reconcile with Kardashian in 2020, shortly before she started dating Barker. “Scott knew that Kourtney was pregnant before she made the announcement, and the way he is taking it all is with a little bit of unease and it is a little heartbreaking for him,” the source said. “It just reiterates that what they had is really over. Granted, Scott knows that it has been several years since they broke up and they both have dated others and mostly moved on, but they still are forever linked because of their kids, and he sometimes romanticizes that they would someday get back together. That isn’t going to happen, that isn’t a shock. It just kind of sucks for Scott right now to deal with it, since the whole world now knows. Kourtney also making the announcement during Father’s Day weekend really gutted him. He will get over it, but Scott is sad.”

The intel comes after Entertainment Tonight was told by a source on June 18 that “Scott is being as supportive as possible while also trying to take care of himself. It stings a little and he will always have love for Kourtney, but at the same time he is also happy and excited for her. He wants to continue to move on and focus on his own personal life.”

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