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Saweetie’s Gummy Bear Nails Look Like They Belong In a Candy Store — See Photos

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Maybe one day Saweetie will commit to short nails. But today is not that day, based on the rapper’s latest Instagram post from December 16. Her manicures are typically long, bedazzled, and colorful. However, occasionally she’ll deviate from that path (though rarely do we see her without long nails), and this hot pink set is one of those. 

In the photo, the Bay Area-bred rapper is seen seated in a car wearing a leopard-print Von Dutch hat and matching coat with her hand covering most of her face, which provides a clear view of these coffin-shaped nails. Instead of jewels adorning her claws, each long nail had two multicolored gummy bear charms. The gummy bear charms were quite big considering they covered about 75 percent of her nails. We imagine that one of those charms would most likely be as long or even longer than most people’s natural nails

In a way, this manicure is simple or, more specifically, simple to achieve. All you really need is bright nail polish,  a few gummy bears or nail charms of your choice plus your manicure essentials. (If you don’t even know the basics, we have this handy how-to guide about at-home manicures.) You can do pink nail polish similar to Saweetie or try something different color like yellow and orange, and then apply the charms using nail glue gel, which is basically an adhesive that has to be cured with a UV or LED light, similar to gel polish. Alternatively, you can paint each nail a different shade, maybe in the order of the colors of the rainbow. 

Anyways, this manicure and the rest of Saweetie’s manicures are proof that there is something special about long nails. Her Instagram is full of nail inspiration that shows how you can combine various colors, jewels, and nail charms into a manicure. She may have also given us a new way to take a nailfie — or would it technically be a selfie but with your nails covering your face? We’ll think on that. 

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