Friday, June 14, 2024

Saweetie Playing Volleyball With Butt-Length White Hair Is Truly Mystifying — See Photos

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I love big, bold, and colorful beauty moments, so I always live for Saweetie‘s looks. I’m still thinking about the gigantic hair bow she wore to the 2023 VMAs on September 12.  Although her recent hairstyles have been fun and creative, I noticed that she’s been sticking to mostly natural colors since August 5 — and this is Saweetie, the rapper who will have four different hair colors in the span of a few days, that we’re talking about. That month-long hiatus from bright wigs has seemingly ended, if her new white hair is any indication. Oh, and did I mention she showed it off while playing volleyball, of all things? 

On September 19, Saweetie posted a video of herself and her butt-length hair on her Instagram Stories. As she’s playing, you can only see her from the side until the last few seconds when she jogs towards the camera. The ends of her platinum hair nearly reached her knees. 

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