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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

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Is anybody in there? This July could find you burrowed deep in your cocoon for the first three weeks as the Sun moves through Cancer and your private, intimate eighth house. You may be consumed with a captivating project or in the depths of some emotional processing. The eighth house is about shared bonds and joint ventures. Perhaps you’ll team up with a well-connected partner and together invest in something that combines your genius. 

The one day when things feel most grounded and purpose-driven arrives July 3. Money could come in, too! That day, the annual Capricorn full moon lights a fireworks display in your second house of earned income and financial security.

If life has felt a little too mundane or unglamorous lately, sit tight until July 17, when the lunar north node ends an 18-month visit to Taurus and your sixth house of work and wellness, From today until January 11, 2025, this karmic point in your chart will be in Aries and your expressive, passionate fifth house. That’s more like it! 

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Get (camera) ready: You could attract attention, even fame, for some of your talents. There’s a chance you may part ways with a certain group during this time or shed some guilt and fears about outshining people if you allow yourself to be as radiant as you were born to be.

That said, your star quality might take a little longer to catch on. On July 22, Venus, the planet of beauty, attraction and love, will turn retrograde (backward) in Leo until September 3. With Venus gone rogue in your expansive ninth house, people could be slower than usual to adopt your ideas. If you’ve made romantic travel plans, take extra precautions with Venus back-spinning through this worldly sector.

Luckily, the Sun will also enter Leo on July 22, one of your favorite times of year since it makes everything feel possible and reminds you to pursue your highest potential. While it can’t entirely offset Venus retrograde, you’ll still feel a surge of strength and hope—which is when your Sagittarius spirit is at its most radiant!

It’s Cancer season until July 22

Turn inward, Archer. Until July 22, the Sun is in Cancer and your intimate eighth house, making this a focused, intense time. While everyone else is in the midst of a summer frolic, you’re burrowing into your cocoon, spending time with your closest connections. The eighth house is the realm of merging, whether that’s emotional, erotic or financial. Pour your attention into a partnership, be it romantic or business-based. With Venus turning retrograde July 22, getting all of your closest ties on terra firma now is a smart and proactive move. Cancer season is also ideal for joint ventures and creating long-term financial security with passive income, including investments. 

Caution: Emotions can get intense with the Sun traveling through this psyche-plumbing zone of your chart! It’s a great time to learn about your attachment style or to explore the nuances of your sexuality. You could also be captivated by a detailed project, and this month’s energy helps you really dive into your research and development work. Your focus is incredible! Join forces with people who are as dynamic and driven as you are. 

The Capricorn full moon is on July 3

Money matters are in the spotlight on July 3, when the Capricorn full moon shines its security-loving light into your second house of income and finances. You could have a major uptick in confidence, especially around your earning power. You know what you’re worth, Sag, so raise your rates, apply for a job or spearhead a prestigious project that will put your name on the map. 

Under this illuminating full moon, you’re asked to view your finances in a new light. It’s not just how much you make but what you DO with it. Are you being a good steward of your money? With the full moon forming a flowing trine to your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your orderly sixth house, you’re encouraged to take a patient and long-term view of your nest egg. What small but meaningful changes can you make that will add up incrementally? 

The sixth house rules helpful people, and with expansive Jupiter here, you might also look at ways you could delegate time-sucking tasks to a capable assistant. At first glance, you might think, Why pay someone if I can just do it myself? Well, Sag, consider all the things you’re NOT doing—the special things that only YOU can do, which could command a higher price tag—when you DIY it all. Find ways to free up time so you can work in your zone of genius!

The north node enters Aries on July 17 

Drama or detachment? Love or friendship? From July 17, 2023, until January 11, 2025, the lunar nodes will move to the Aries/Libra axis, helping you decide what to put your whole heart into and when it’s time to take a big step back. 

With the destiny-driven north node in Aries and your passionate fifth house, this is YOUR time to unapologetically claim the spotlight and have your star turn. You don’t always have to share the glory or take one for the team, Sagittarius. Over the next 18 months, you could become hyper-aware of the diva types in your life and the negative impact they have. Distance yourself from friends who compete or try to bring you down. At the very least, see if you can shift these unhealthy dynamics by being more vocal about your needs. You can do it in a playful yet direct way, Sagittarius—and with bold and pioneering Aries on top, this nodal phase is a time for all of us to learn how to speak our truth!

The north node only visits Aries every 18.5 years; it was last here from December 27, 2004, to June 22, 2006. If you can remember back to that time, you may see familiar themes arise again. From shifting alliances to a passionate love affair to attracting fame, this nodal cycle will teach you important lessons about claiming the spotlight and choosing your collaborators wisely.

The July 17 Cancer new moon is a sexy power surge

Mid-month power surge: incoming! On July 17, the year’s only new moon in Cancer activates your eighth house of soul bonds, joint assets and shared power. Got the urge to merge? This day, your highly sovereign sign could make magic by syncing up with a fellow superstar, forming a “1+1=3” type of equation. Whether that’s a business collaboration, a romantic partner or a creative collaborator, this is a day where the universe is ready to work overtime to create synchronicities on your behalf. Your only job, Sagittarius? To allow that energy to flow instead of trying to interfere! (Sounds simple…but for you, being patient can be a challenge!)

Craving a little summer sizzle? The new moon in your eighth house of intimacy and emotional bonding plants the seeds for a strong sexual connection, soulmate encounter or major life shift that unfolds in the coming six months. Coupled Archers could begin to pave the way for cohabitation, marriage, babies or some other permanent, etched-in-stone transition. 

The sacral chakra is associated with manifesting, and unblocking yours is believed to help both money and sexual energy start flowing. Sagittarius, how about increasing your dosage of both of these things? The Cancer new moon in your eighth house of joint ventures and wealth plants the seeds for prosperity or a win-win scenario. Real estate, legal matters, investments and financial planning could all be in the spotlight. The intentions you set today will continue to unfold over the coming six months. 

Whiplash! The July 20 Mars-Saturn opposition

It’s okay to say no, Archer. Activator Mars has been energizing your career zone since July 10, which has been exciting but also demanding. Today, the red planet faces off with cautious Saturn in your nurturing fourth house, sounding the call for a timeout. A relaxing salt bath, mani-pedi or just an early night’s sleep will revive your body and prepare your mind for the next round of career goals. 

When impatient Mars and cautious Saturn are opposite each other, it’s like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. To avoid a case of cosmic whiplash, get clear about your own personal limits. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to let people know where “too much” is for you. Is a pressing situation at home calling for your expert attention to detail? Reflect before taking action. Resist your instinct to swoop in for the rescue. Clearer boundaries are necessary, especially with a relative or a woman in your life.

The Sun enters Leo July 22—and Venus turns retrograde in Leo

On July 22, the pep in your step returns as the Sun enters fiery Leo and your ninth house of travel and expansion, ushering you into one of your favorite and most positive times of the year. It’s time to come out and spread your wings completely—maybe schedule an overseas trip or delve into a new spiritual belief system. Whatever the case, now that your metamorphosis is complete, some kind of (meaningful) journey is in order.

But…before you go full throttle into your newfound freedom, you may need to step on the brakes. Also on July 22, affectionate Venus turns retrograde, slowing your roll a bit. Until September 3, the planet of love and beauty will be doing backstrokes through Leo, disrupting your ninth house of personal liberation and growth. During this stretch, you could rethink your career plans or even your life purpose. Being reflective, not reactive, will serve you best.

Retrogrades rule the past, and you might return to an old metaphysical course of study, travel to a place where you once went with an ex-flame or, if you’re a business owner, refresh your branding and marketing. Take your time with all of this, especially where aesthetics and valuable relationships are involved. Even if you normally have impeccable taste, you could miss the mark while stylish Venus is on vacation.

Chiron turns retrograde July 23

Authenticity is the name of your game, Archer, but on July 23, as the “wounded healer” comet Chiron begins a five-month retrograde through your fifth house of drama, passion and self-expression, you could tap into other, even more genuine facets of your personality. Between now and December 6, free your inner child from the timeout chair you may have unconsciously relegated them to—and let your full self-expression emerge!

One place to look: Where are you holding back—or putting on a “show” to cover any insecurities? People love you for who you really are, and it’s finally time to fully come out and make that big reveal. Drop the mask (or the court jester routine) and be your vulnerable, loveable self! If you’re holding yourself to unrealistic standards and expectations, set yourself free from that burden.

Love is a grand adventure as the month begins! Magnetic Venus and spicy Mars are both in Leo, heating up your ninth house of travel, expansion and adventure. As the zodiac sign associated with the ninth house, you’re in your element whenever planets visit this free-spirited zone of your chart. And here’s your chance! Venus is on an extended visit to Leo from June 5 to October 8, and Mars is rounding out a seven-week trip on July 10. 

You should be feeling optimistic about love now, able to see new perspectives and possibilities for relationships you hadn’t considered. Heading out of town for July Fourth? In the earlier part of the month, you could find love on the road (strike up a convo with the cute seatmate on your flight) or burn up the bandwidth with a sexy video chat. Single Sags may cross paths with an intriguing person whose background is wildly different from yours. Variety is the spice of life, especially for your worldly sign. 

Your Sagittarian spontaneity gets tempered a bit after July 10. That day, motivated Mars begins its march through Virgo and your future-focused tenth house until August 27. The tenth house rules career, so don’t rule out meeting someone through business endeavors over the summer. You’ve got 20-20 long-range vision when it comes to love and relationships. No-string flings won’t be quite as much your cup of matcha now

If anything, you’re probably thinking about MORE commitment. In a relationship? This is an auspicious time to talk about your shared dreams for—if not the rest of your lives, certainly the next several months. You want to know that you’ll get a return on everything you invest into this. And if not? You might be ready to cut bait and fish in richer waters. For some Archers, work and responsibilities could interrupt your romantic reverie, an unfortunate but unavoidable reality. Single? With your professional sphere highlighted, you could meet someone through career pursuits, perhaps at a conference or industry networking event. One thing’s for sure: You’ll be attracted to people who have their act together. No romance without finance!

But don’t get TOO wild with the wedding invites or calling the movers because on July 22, love planet Venus turns retrograde (backward) for six weeks, a tough time in love that occurs every 18 months. With the planet of amour doing backstrokes until September 3, you might find that your best efforts in romance go awry. Maybe you think you’re giving your partner space, but they think you’re not interested. (Story of an Archer’s life.) Or perhaps you just have a lack of harmony in your union, and you fight over silly things, like whether or not it’s your turn to do the laundry. An ex could also emerge from yesteryear, prompting you to question where you went wrong or if you want to try again. 

Venus will be retrograde in Leo and your ninth house of travel and study. Save the couples’ vacations until after September 3—or go anyway, knowing that Venus retrograde could stir up discord on the road. This Venus cycle could be ideal for taking a workshop together to improve your communication and partnering skills. If you deliver a shot of truth to someone, be mindful of how pointed that arrow of honesty is—unless you want to burn that bridge forever.

Your big-picture sign doesn’t like to get bogged down in the details. But while the Sun visits Cancer and your investigative eighth house until July 22, you’re invited to take a deeper plunge. Pay attention to the little things you’re often too busy to notice rather than starting a million new projects. The divine is in the small things! The July 17 Cancer new moon could bring an opportunity to invest, explore a real estate deal or forge a joint venture. Your combined superpowers could unleash a major win-win in the coming six months. 

A career high cycle begins on July 10, when go-getter Mars zooms into Virgo and your tenth house of ambition and professional success. Between now and August 27, step on the gas! This lucky cycle only happens every two years, and you’re primed to rise to the top of your game. Clear away anything that’s not aligned with your most important priorities. While you may feel the FOMO, you’ll also benefit from the fruits of your focused efforts. 

Love Days: 12, 16

Money Days: 24, 5

Luck Days: 21, 3

Off Days: 14, 18, 1

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