Friday, June 14, 2024

Ryan Gosling Has Officially Entered the Boyband Phase of His Blonde Era — See Photos

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I don’t think anyone would ever dare call Ryan Gosling a brunette, but even if you’ve typically considered him a blonde, you have to admit that we really haven’t experienced his full blonde potential until this year. In addition to his platinum look as Ken in the highly anticipated Barbie movie, the actor has been going blonder and blonder in real life.

Back in April, we were all taken aback when he made an appearance at a London event sporting not only unexpected bangs, but a distinctly highlighted look. Those highlights were going strong all spring, but now that summer is upon us and we’re less than a month away from Barbie‘s theater debut, it seems Gosling isn’t satisfied with just a few bright blonde pieces here and there. He has taken his blondness to a new level.

On Sunday, June 25, at the the press junket and photo call for Barbie at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, Gosling was seen looking the blondest we’ve ever seen him in real life — at least in his adulthood. (He was quite the towheaded Mousketeer back in the day.) He posed among the Barbie-themed scenery with a sunny, all-over golden blonde shade with a bit of brown rootiness that matched his beard and gave the look balance.

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