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Rita Ora Wore My Fresh-Out-the-Shower Hairstyle on the Red Carpet, of All Places — See Photos

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We were pleasantly shocked to see Rita Ora with straightened hair at the Michael Kors New York Fashion Week show on September 11. The hairstyle was perfect for seeing how long her blonde-highlighted hair truly was — it cascaded all the way towards her lower back. A few days after the Fashion Week event, the singer decided to experiment with her hair again for Vogue World and showed out with an intentionally messy, wet-looking bun.

For the event on September 14, Rita Ora arrived in a strapless black gown and her strategically undone updo. Her damp-looking hair was parted down the middle and then swept into the high bun. There’s seemingly little rhythm or rhyme to how this bun was twisted and secured at the crown of her head, as you can see pieces of hair sticking out from the style and at the nape of her neck. Two face-framing tendrils of hair cascaded towards her collarbones. 

What’s particularly interesting about this hairstyle is that her hair looked wet, as if she gathered her blonde-highlighted waves into the updo immediately after showering. It’s definitely an interesting hairstyle choice for a red carpet, but with all the pieces put together, it totally worked in a high-fashion context. 

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