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Rebecca Rittenhouse on Her Favorite Mood-Leveler and the Face Oil She ‘Can’t Live Without’

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Rebecca Rittenhouse has famously played an OG/BYN on The Mindy Project and an intuitive on Maggie, but for the actress, it was the development of an autoimmune condition in her ‘20s that taught her most about how to balance her health with natural remedies.

“[I started suffering from an autoimmune disease] where my tendons would swell for no reason—I couldn’t close my watch on my wrist all of a sudden, but I hadn’t gained a lot of weight. Doctors were telling me that I should be on an immunosuppressant, but I really didn’t want to go down that path. So I started researching what helped people in the autoimmune community and seeing an integrative medicine doctor, who has been really helpful in guiding me in terms of honing in on effective supplements for me,” she says. “It’s kept me from taking a million different supplements because you can go down this road where you’re taking 25 pills a day and left wondering: What is this even doing?”

Today, she’s a pro at navigating the deep bench of wellness options available to balance her mind, body and spirit, which is why we met up with the True Botanical partner at Los Angeles’s most L.A. spot for wellness (and home to $22, so-called beauty smoothies, co-created by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Chris Appleton)—Erewhon Market—to shop the shelves of what Rittenhouse calls a “supplement powerhouse.” Ahead, find her favorite picks for skin care, ingestibles and more.

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MudWtr Masala Chai ($54)

“I like this drink mix for whenever I want a little boost of energy, but don’t want to drink coffee. Depending on how much time I have, I’ll either create a nice, fancy experience and blend it with a little nut milk using a handheld frother, or just mix it with hot water. It’s got a lot of adaptogen mushrooms in it and it’s great.”

BUY NOW – $54

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Rainbo Lion’s Mane ($42)

“After I had COVID I noticed I had some brain fog, so I started taking Lion’s Mane which really helps me with clarity and sharpness.”

BUY NOW – $42

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Healthforce Superfoods Spirulina Manna ($45)

“These are chelating agents, which [are thought to] clear heavy metals from your blood. So I tried to have a little bit of that most days by mixing spirulina and chlorella into my smoothies.

Sets can be a really dangerous place food wise, there’s a lot of junk food everywhere. One of my most favorite jobs was The Mindy Project. It was very fun set in terms of food, meaning that there was a waffle truck, a pizza truck, an ice cream truck, like once or twice a week. I learned that I can’t eat like that and feel good because the way you eat is the most important thing for if you have an autoimmune problem. So I definitely learned that when I’m on set, I have to be diligent about bringing my own food.”

BUY NOW – $45

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Thorne 5-hydroxytryptophan ($35)

“And then I love 5-HTP. It’s a really good mood-leveler. I was feeling really moody, irritable and absurdly impatient a lot of the time—and I just hated that, you know? I was like, God, this is awful. So I told my OB/GYN and she recommended I try this and it’s made a really big difference for me.”

BUY NOW – $35

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Erewhon Ashwagandha ($15)

“I take ashwagandha in pill form. It’s another adaptogen that’s meant to help your body control its stress hormones. Between this and the magnesium and the 5-HTP, my mood is a lot better. And then the lion’s mane helps me to just be a little more sharp.

I honestly feel that [my body is] very sensitive in general. I’ve had a lot of issues with inflammation because I have an autoimmune disease. So I really pay attention to how I’m feeling because whether I’m taking something that’s helping me or hurting me, I really notice it.”

BUY NOW – $15

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True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil ($110)

“I use this oil morning and night—it’s the thing I can’t live without. For me, having autoimmune affects how I select skin care because the reality is, we live in a modern world and there’s poison and toxins around us at all times. And that phrase ‘pick your poison’ really is true.

If I can have effective skin care that is not adding to my toxic load, I really appreciate that because there’s some things that I’m going to want to use, like a waterproof mascara that works really well, but may be a little bit toxic. So I try to think: Where can I minimize? I love True Botanicals for that reason, because I know that it’s not going to mess with my hormones or add to my toxic load, but will also work really well because of the phyto actives inside.”

BUY NOW – $110

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True Botanicals Skin Barrier Sun Shield SPF 30 ($65)

“Most mineral sunscreens are total crap-ola because they feel really heavy and greasy and maybe you can’t put makeup over them. But this one? They must have sent this to a wizard who made it the best mineral sunblock you’ve ever tried in your life. It is like magic. It is witchcraft. It’s incredible.

This formula almost feels like a chemical sunscreen. That’s why I love it so much because it has a nice texture and blends into your skin beautifully, like a chemical sunscreen would. Before, I was really compromising with all these other mineral sunblocks that I didn’t really love. I mean, they were working, they were fine, but this one has changed my life.”

BUY NOW – $65

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Daily Concepts Jade Gua Sha Tool ($16)

“This is a necessary tool that I use all the time—especially in the mornings when I look a little puffy. I’ll gua sha before I put on my makeup and then I look snatched.”

BUY NOW – $16

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