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People Love This Pilates Club So Much They’re Getting the Logo Tattooed

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Fitness trends often come and go, but the past several years have shown us that the masses’ love of Pilates is not going anywhere anytime soon. Capitalizing on the immense popularity of the strength-building, body-sculpting workout, dozens of studio chains specializing in Pilates have opened across the country that specialize solely in Pilates classes. But, amidst all the Pilates clubs available today, one studio, solidcore, is more beloved than the rest, so much so that members are getting the logo tattooed on their body.

The [solidcore] Craze: Why Members Are Getting The Club’s Logo Permanently Inked

Solidcore, formatted [solidcore], is a Pilates club that prides itself on being a studio that redefines the age-old workout. Utilizing slow, controlled movements in the format of a high-intensity, low-impact workout, [solidcore] classes aim to break down the muscles in order to build them back stronger than before. Ever since the club opened in 2013, more and more Pilates-lovers have been flocking to [solidcore] because of the club’s community of fitness-fanatics and incredible individual results.

But now, the [solidcore] craze has proven stronger than the rest, as members are getting the club’s iconic “[ ]” logo tattooed as part of an initiative put on by the studio. To celebrate the club’s 10-year anniversary, [solidcore] has offered members the opportunity to get one of three of their bracket logos tattooed in exchange for $100 in [solidcore] credit. Yep, you heard that right—for just two weeks, if members get the [solidcore] tattoo and upload it to the app with the required documentation, they’ll be rewarded with more [solidcore] classes.

The 10-year anniversary initiative truly emphasizes the hold that [solidcore] has grasped on the Pilates industry. If you’ve been curious about whether or not [solidcore] workouts are worth the hype, let the members getting the club’s logo tatted in order to gain more classes speak for itself!

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