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Paris Hilton Went Incognito in a Wednesday Addams Wig — See Photos

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In mid-December, Paris Hilton took a trip to Disneyland in disguise. The disguise in question was a jet-black wig with bangs that looked like it was fit for Wednesday Addams instead of the socialite. Hilton looked unrecognizable in the photos she shared from the trip with her millions of Instagram fans on December 13. 

Hilton took pictures in various places in the theme park with the black wig braided into two pigtails underneath a bucket hat of the same color. She kept her black hat on in all the photos except for the last one where she switched it with a Yoda cap, so we never got a good look at the bangs. From what we do see, this fringe was thick and blunt and looked like it may have grazed her eyebrows.

Her braided pigtails plus thick bangs reminded several people of Wednesday Adams as portrayed by Jenna Ortega, to no surprise. A few folks even commented, “Wednesday Hilton.”

But that wasn’t the only person people thought of when they saw the photos. Honestly, at first, we could have sworn it was Kacey Musgraves sitting in the shell seat. While there were a few comments that did agree, many folks thought Hilton looked just like her aunt, Kyle Richards, who is a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And honestly, we definitely see it.

So, Hilton wore a Wednesday Addams wig to Disneyland and somehow ended up looking like Kacey Musgraves and her aunt. Not exactly what we had on our 2022 beauty bingo card but still a delight to see. 

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