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Olivia Culpo Loves This Noninvasive Body Treatment to ‘Cinch’ Her Waist

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One glance at Olivia Culpo and it’s tough to find something that needs “fixing.” But like many of us, we all have things we want to tweak, even if those around us see them as perfect. After all, we are our own worst critics. But with advances in technology, we have access to aesthetic innovations that allow us to make minor “tweakments” without going under the knife.

Here, the former Miss Universe and influencer shares her experience with the noninvasive truFlex treatment. It uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to strengthen, firm and tone muscles. The device has three different treatment modes so it can be personalized for each individual, depending on their fitness level, shape and goals.

I know you love to work out. How does truFlex complement your fitness routine?

 “Yes! The truFlex treatment was a great complement to my workouts I’m already doing. Exercise is so important, but sometimes you can hit a plateau and it can be difficult to see specific goals in the exact areas you want to improve. The truFlex device has smaller handpieces to easily fit those tricky body areas and allow you to achieve the results you’re looking for. In a 15-minute session, truFlex delivers the equivalent of 54,000 crunches to strengthen and tone multiple muscle groups.”

What concerns were you hoping to address? 

“With truFlex, I was looking to build more muscle in my stomach and also cinch in my waist. The treatment can deliver up to a 30-percent increase in muscle mass, and I have definitely noticed a significant increase since I was treated. I had four truFlex sessions on my abdomen. I started my treatments in June, so it was the perfect summer prep! Instantly, I saw more definition, especially on my upper abs. I also love how cut and refined my waist becomes, and it has only gotten better in the subsequent weeks.”


How did the treatment feel?

“There is a light contracting sensation and it definitely tickles. I am super ticklish, and I was laughing so hard throughout my sessions!”

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