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Ohio Plastic Surgeon’s License Revoked for Livestreaming Procedures and Patient Complications

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In a recent development, the State Medical Board of Ohio took a firm stance by permanently revoking the medical license of Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe, an Ohio-based plastic surgeon popularly known as “Dr. Roxy” on TikTok. The decision came as a result of two significant concerns: her live broadcasting of surgical procedures on social media and reports of complications experienced by her patients.

Dr. Grawe’s medical license had been under suspension since November of the previous year. Following a hearing, the Ohio medical board finalized its disciplinary action, permanently revoking her license and imposing a $4,500 fine.

The board’s notice of summary suspension expressed apprehension regarding Dr. Grawe’s livestreams and multiple patient complications. The document highlighted how she continued to produce videos and livestream medical procedures despite undergoing remedial education courses. Some of the livestreams included pre-operative interviews, real-time surgeries, and post-operative images, showcasing various procedures and their costs. Shockingly, Dr. Grawe engaged with viewers, responding to their online questions while actively performing surgeries.

Patient reports also played a pivotal role in the board’s decision. Three patients, identified as Patients 1, 2, and 3, suffered severe complications after undergoing procedures performed by Dr. Grawe. 

The document addressing Dr. Grawe stated that during Patient 1’s liposuction, she was focused on the camera instead of the patient, neglecting proper attention to avoid injury. Patient 2 required small bowel resection, repairs, and a partial omentectomy following liposuction, “Brazilian Butt Lift,” umbilical hernia repair and plasma treatments. Patient 3, who underwent breast augmentation and mastopexy revision with an internal bra, developed an infection. This led to the removal of bilateral implants and the mesh bra, along with tissue damage of both breasts.

During the hearing, Dr. Grawe defended her actions, stating that her intention was to bring positivity and entertainment to a challenging world. According to WCMH-TV Columbus, she said she created these videos “to make people smile in a world that is negative and difficult to navigate,” and that she understands that “many of those silly videos appeared unprofessional.”

The permanent revocation of Dr. Grawe’s medical license serves as a significant reminder of the ethical responsibilities held by surgeons, particularly with the use of social media. It underscores the importance of prioritizing patient safety and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in aesthetic medicine.

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